Temporary Quest - Assorted Demon Meat

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    An event involves a chain of quests that can be repeated once every 11 hours. The initial quest will be given by Fenisk, located at the location #2005 in Arkijah.

    Here are some important information you should know:

    1) The quest will be until September 1, 2020. After - it will become unavailable.

    2) Quests are not designed for passing it in a group (with the exception of one part for the purpose of killing a unique monster), neither the Demeter effect, nor the Mutation potion work. But the corresponding ordens (to speed up the quest), attack amplifiers, a mule (for weight) and the profession of an alchemist work.

    3) The answers to the quest tasks are contained in the text of the quest itself.

    4) There are three different rewards for completing quests:

    a) You can get 1 lottery for 1 quest item
    b) You can get 6 lotteries for 5 items
    c) for 100 quest items you will receive a unique prize. The number of these prizes is limited and they will be awarded to an extremely small number of people. Therefore, in a way, this is a test including speed. Upon reaching the prize limit, the quest for the super prize will be disabled. No one will tell you the essence of the super prize.

    Ice Fishing Set
    Sanctuary not Dispelled (15 min)
    Lifegiving Seed
    200 QP
    100 Mogash Marks
    Woodoo Dol
    Santa Bag
    Ancient Amphora for Choise x100
    Vaccination x5
    Potion of Divine Reward
    Piece of Cake 15%
    Dynamite Stick x2
    Pet Energy Potion

    The administration will very closely monitor the progress of the players this event.

    Neither the final number of super prizes, nor what the super prize implies, will be announced until September 1.

    On September 2, 2020 the nicknames of the Winners will be announced. The rest is Patience to Participants and Good Luck.
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