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    From June 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021, when you buy 2,000 platinum from dealers, you will receive a code and become a participant in the drawing of a personal island and two prizes of 250 palladium each. When buying 4000 platinum, you will receive 2 codes, etc. You can have as many codes as you want.


    The small island consists of 42 locations. It has a dock, a small garden and a palace.
    33.jpg 2.jpg
    31.jpg 38.jpg
    20.jpg 14.jpg

    What does the owner get?
    1) The owner can name the island
    2) The owner can choose one of the free docks on the Tarassos continent, where the ship will sail from his island
    3) The owner can choose the sailing time of the ship from 1 to 30 minutes
    4) The ship requires a ticket to enter. The owner receives 1 ticket. The owner decides if the ticket is soulbound.
    5) The owner gets one teleport to the island. The teleport is intercontinental. The owner can decide if it will be soulbound.
    6) The owner receives three keys to the location, to which a special store on the island is closed, in which additional tickets for the ship and teleports to the island are sold for gold. The owner decides whether the key is soulbound.
    7) The owner can place at his discretion any buildings in the palace (star, bank, bar, dump, alchemy for any currency, laboratory, etc.)
    8) The owner can place in the garden one one-way descent down to any location on the Tarassos continent (in agreement with the admins)
    9) The owner can resettle up to 6 types of monsters (not bosses, not agros) on the island. No loot, no gold. Any pictures and names (within the general rules)
    10) The owner can close the star with a key (if he installs it) and / or bind the entrance to it according to the clan principle (actually make a clan castle)

    How will the draw take place?
    The code that the player receives for the purchase can be viewed in the SETTINGS. Between September 1 and 5, we will upload all your codes and hold a drawing here:
    After the drawing, you will be able to check the availability of your codes in the database there, even if you have not won.

    How fair is it?
    Randompicker is a paid giveaway site used by the world's largest companies. After downloading the codes and clicking the "Conduct a drawing" button, we cannot change the results. We provide a link to the page of the drawing in advance so that there is no fraud. On the same page there will be results, a list of all codes, partially hidden by asterisks, and it will also be possible to check your codes and make sure that they are in the participants' database.
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