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  1. livid

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    The description of the "General Stores" in the game has a typo. There is an extra space between the word "belts" and the comma after. So it says "belts , ". Instead, the comma should follow directly after "belts" like this: "belts,".

    I took a screenshot of Seastone's but its an issue at all the general stores.

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  2. livid

    livid New Member

    In Middle School of Alteration, the final levels of Colossal Endurance are mis-translated as "Titans Endurance".

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  3. livid

    livid New Member

    All the Artifact (platinum) stores have two spellings for "Artifact" or "Artefact". "Artefact" is in the name of the store but "Artifact" is in the description.

    Artifact is the US spelling and Artefact is more British. Either way, pick one spelling and be consistent. I would choose "Artifact".

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  4. Kinglock

    Kinglock New Member

    Jewellery is more commonly used outside of the U.S. - but both are acceptable.
  5. livid

    livid New Member

    OK. In that case, the description currently has "Jewelry" while the name of the store has "Jewellery", as you can see in the screenshot. So, it should be consistent--pick one spelling and use it both in the description and in the name of the store.
  6. desiree

    desiree New Member

    Hello, translation at exchanger webpage is part in russian. Should be Plat Exchanger or whatever name you want to add.


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  7. Bobby

    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Fixed. Please, write your in-game name to get 15 platinum.
  8. desiree

    desiree New Member

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  9. TeslaHZ

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    prism furnance , 300 durability soulbound, bug maybe ?
  10. Savesword

    Savesword New Member

    When you click the menu to select the modes it is oc, but when you select one it shows up in russian(all 3)

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  11. Access Denied

    Access Denied New Member

    Just wanted to let you know that there is still lots of mistakes, spelling mistakes, inconsistencies in the game and on your websites. I'm an English teacher, I could help if you want, just hit me up.
  12. Arwen

    Arwen Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Bringing this to the attention of Admin

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