Happy Thanksgiving Day! Black Friday

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    If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share. So, we share you a new event. We offer you to cook a delicious turkey with cranberry sauce (look for the recipe in the shops) and give to other inhabitants of the world. There are 12 mobs in the game, who were still in the game and gave out other quests (you need to find them yourself). Now they have a quest "The Spirit of Thanksgiving". Quests will be available on 25-28 November. Quests are repeated every 8 hours. Reward: a lottery with the following prizes:
    [​IMG] Pet Energy Potion - Instantly restore the pet energy to 100%
    [​IMG] Ice Fishing Set (2 items) - Same as Spincast, allows fishing at any dock.
    [​IMG] Deportation to Isles (5 items) - box with deportations to Cronus, Centaurus and North.
    [​IMG] Piece of Cake 10% - +10% HP/MP gift. Can be used over "spheres" limit. Only one simultaneously.
    [​IMG] Dynamite Stick (5 items) - stuns all characters in the choosen location for 10 seconds. When used on a ship, immediately gives a catch like the result of 100 fishing rod throwings.
    [​IMG] Prism of Spender - after opening gives one of bags with Sapphires.
    [​IMG] 100 Mogash Marks - gives currency Mogash Mark after usage.
    [​IMG] Racial Ability to Choose (15 items) - Chest for choose with Race Ability potions.


    In honor of Black Friday, November 25-28, when buying from dealers, you will receive + 25% on platinum and palladium! Thats not all! Just one day, November 26:
    • Special potions have appeared in palladium shops (note, they do not stack with regular ones):
      - Remove Cooldown x15 for 1pd (usually x10 for 1pd)
      - Light Amphora x150 for 2pd (usually x100 for 2pd)
      - Alchemical Supplies Mage / Warrior x1.5 total content for 3 lp
      - Racial Ability to choose from x15 for 1p (usually x10 for 1p)
    • Premium subscription costs 20pd / month.
    • Setting up a private store - 750pt / 1500pt / 2250pt (25% discount).

    • New services will operate from November 26:
      • Archiving a clan. If you are the head of a clan, you can archive your clan. Let the dealer know if you want to archive the clan. In this case, the archiving date is added to the clan name (+1 month from the date of order). After the appointed date, you again write to any dealer and get 350 pt to your account. The clan is transferred to the administration.
      • Personal flower - order a personal flower picture, which you can give to any player or yourself at the price of an ordinary flower. When ordering, the name is set in two languages. Cost of ordering one picture: 150pt

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