eu sever change to .com

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by travis, Feb 22, 2016.

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    travis New Member

    Could someone walk me threw the steps
  2. Bobby

    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    .eu server has been stolen, amber games dont want to continue our business relationships. So, the base were transfered to .com domain with full support of original developers. Now .eu is just a pirate server with no support, cheaters, a lot of bugs and etc.
  3. Oceanus

    Oceanus New Member

    What Really Happened is .COM broke there contract with Amber Games , And did some pretty shitty business practices and back stabbing
  4. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    Stop being mad! eu do nothing for the players look at .com they are really trying!
  5. Bobby

    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Why do u asking, if 'know' the issue pretty good, mr. ambers game minion?
    I have told you the real reason, the contract was over many years ago, the only shitty business was when ambers just use our product without any permissions. They are trying to deceive us but seems only can deceive players.
  6. Oceanus

    Oceanus New Member

    Can we get Prof !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Copy of the Contract ( Unedited ) posted here ?????
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  7. Taylor Burgess

    Taylor Burgess New Member

    There is no need to slander .eu on your forums as we do not do this on ours. "EU does nothing for players"..? Hmm I guess maybe pay closer attention. Ours services for players occur within 24 hours of their order thanks to hard working admin, and dealers, like myself. We do not charge players for 1.0 gear, as you guys do. We are steadily making great changes now that Zunders is no longer admin. So please, before you slander EU server based on your beliefs please do some research. You are constantly on their forums, facebook page, and on here talking badly... Why? Pick up and move on and don't worry about what EU server is doing. At this point it is two different games with a similar name. They are going in completely opposite directions.. it's for you to decide which direction is better :) EU population may seem low, but if you take away the RU players from .com I think population might be even lower.. Anyways, i'm sure this comment will be deleted even though I am not here slandering your guy's server as you guys continue to do to ours. All I ask is please stop and carry on about your "business".
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