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    At the beginning of next week (Monday-Wednesday), two recipes will be changed:

    Horseshoe. It is used to brew the Teleport to Antica and to make the Hephaestus Maul. In the recipe, "Hephaestus Maul" will be replaced with the Black Feather.

    Beaver Skull. Used for Teleport to New Arkijah, and for Choose Trap. In the trap recipe, it will be replaced with a Camel Ear.

    Also, due to a decrease in the population of monsters in the Golden Kingdom, in contrast to the old kingdoms, the number of required ingredients will be reduced without changing the set of the ingredients themselves in the following recipes:

    Antidotes x100
    Goat Horn 10
    Bull Liver 30
    Honey 10
    Fury Feather 20
    Buffalo Horn 10

    Tranquilizers х100
    Dog Bone 10
    Armadillo Armor 20
    Monkey Mask 30
    Elephant Ear Frag 20
    Cow Liver 30

    Hephaestus Maul
    Black Mist 10
    Copper Clasp-pin 15
    Worms Coal 10
    Elephant Earring 10
    Black Feather 10
    Dragon Mark 10
    Damaged Map 10
    Elephant Tusk 15
    Rope 10
    Hammer of the Gods 10

    Potion of Secret Source
    Lightes Glare 10
    Handful of Ashes 10
    Snake Skin 10
    Blue Plasma 10
    Devilish Bait 15
    Phosphorus 10
    Dog Eye 5

    Lost Arrow 5
    Wool 10
    Golden Feather 10
    Sky Stone 10
    Anaconda Eye 10

    Choose Trap
    Steel Claw 10
    Falcon Feather 10
    Bear Skin 10
    Camel Ear 10
    Cow Hoof 10

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