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Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by Salacious Wings, May 23, 2014.

  1. No-ones really said anything about the new stuff added here so I thought I'd share my thoughts.
    Spiked armour: Great idea. It is a tad buggy. Sometimes it doesn't do damage until the 2nd round of combat, sometimes it doesn't do any damage at all. It doesn't work on magical hit (might be intentional). I think the damage amount is spot on.

    PVE Challenges: Everything seems to work well with this, other than the fact that the rewards don't change based on level (again might be intentional). A level 30 get's the same rewards as a level 500+. Also the exp portion of the reward is affected by divine reward pots, but the gold part isn't affected by gen pots.

    Prisms: The rewards from this are a bit scattered. I've gotten disease pots/divine intervention from PVE prisms.
  2. Also when things die to spiked armour, auto loot doesn't work.

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