Updates 6/29/2019

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    • Accuracy potions that have been on for 24 hours can now be sold for 15 millions of gold;
    • For the fulfillment of the task, the Mortal Enemy is now being given gold again, but due to changes in the calculation formula, gold is given less than it was before the latest updates;
    • Now, on working days, for the fulfillment of the task, the Mortal Enemy is given 1 Valor with a chance of 50%, on weekends - 2 Valor with a chance of 100%;
    • The duration of Insurance Contract effect no longer decreases when the character is out of the game or in peaceful zones;
    • The "Outlaw" status shall no longer be removed when killed by a monster
    • The "Outlaw" status remaining time will stop going down when in a Clan Castle, and might even go up;
    • When the effect is Outlaw, the player activates religion even if there are three skulls;
    • When an Outlaw effect is obtained, all players over the 100 level are informed of the place where this effect is obtained;
    • Now you can buy new tasks on the Bulletin Board with a certain reward, even for players 360+;
    • Quest "Heresy" deleted;

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