The Autumn Update

Discussion in 'News & Discussion' started by Bobby, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    the problem is, inns are to small
  2. Black Blood

    Black Blood New Member

    Yeah i agree with this, i always thought inns were small especially for brewers, but adding this will make it impossible to keep important stuff unless you but extra storage space.
  3. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    i brought my clan to store things but imagin that, going back and forth to get a backpack full of stuff to the bar :D
    i dont even know hot to buy inn slots
  4. Oiee

    Oiee New Member

    lmao total fail so glad i stopped playing
  5. Taylor Burgess

    Taylor Burgess New Member

    Lol... Sucks to be on .com. Glad I quit both servers. Was a pretty funny read. And as far as the example Lego gave, compared to the example Admin game.... That was a good laugh. Lego is dead accurate with the comparison.
  6. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    You extend your inn in the command panel, cancel it the same way.
  7. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    Are the Blacksmith Oils of any use now? Or do we sell them back to plat shop?
  8. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    well if u ever let the subs run out, ull need black smiths for your temp gear still?
  9. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    What temp gear? it also was returned according to some others that used it, it never worked on zods gear or craft before.

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