The Autumn Update

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    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Finally, the time has come to make artifact gear much cheaper and easy. For this purpose we completely revamped the artifact system.​

    Now the artifacts will be available for subscription for 1, 1.5 and 3 months. The maximum coefficient/modifier of artifacts will be 1.0.

    Your existing personal artifacts as well as momentary artifacts will be removed and pt will be fully refunded as vplat (with which you can also buy gear subscription).


    · 0.4 for 30 days: 250 pt, for 45 days: 320 pt, for 90 days: 500 pt
    · 0.75 for 30 days: 820 pt, for 45 days: 1000 pt, for 90 days: 1600 pt
    · 1.0 for 30 days: 1400 pt, for 45 days: 1800 pt, 90 days 2800 pt

    During the new system introduction until the end of autumn (an extension is possible) we start the great discount. Only for usual platinum subscription price will be reduced by 50%:

    · 0.4 for 30 days: 125 pt, for 45 days: 160 pt, for 90 days: 250 pt
    · 0.75 for 30 days: 410 pt, for 45 days: 500 pt, for 90 days: 800 pt
    · 1.0 for 30 days: 700 pt, for 45 days: 900 pt, for 90 days: 1400 pt

    Personal artifacts that you have now will turn into stickers (see below). Shards also will be returned.

    - What does subscription give?

    After receiving the subscription, you will get access to the game artifact store, where you can take any artifact you want on your level and coefficient that you had ordered. You can take as many as you like. They will not break down and etc. At the end of the subscription they simply stop working. No one will take them from you.

    For the PvM lovers we also have a pleasant surprise! Now momentary artifacts are dropped from monsters! We intentionally increased the drop rate of equipment items from monsters up to 40%. And 20% of them will be momentary artifacts with usual durability. Such momentary artifacts can be broken and repaired by the currently existing rules.

    The level of dropped artifacts will be equal to the level of items that can drop from this monster. You can even get 1.0 artifacts from usual monsters! No subscriptions for such momentary artifacts is required. You are free to share and trade them with other players.


    Sticker is a new type of item, a kind of unique drawing (old artifact image). With them you can paint any slot you want on your doll (character background). Simply drag a sticker from your backpack to any slot, and the picture will be assigned to it. Now, any gear that you put in this slot will have the sticker picture. Also, now using feature “hide equipment”, your opponent will not know what kind of gear is in a particular slot until you beat him :)

    Sticker has a durability of 10/10( can be applied to a slot 10 times), sticker image will remain on the slot even if changing equipment in this slot). The cost of the new sticker is 30 plat order cost + drawing fee, and if it is used up then a duplicate will cost just 10 pt.

    You can remove the sticker from particular slot with a special potion, which can be bought for gold.

    Reborn and Clones

    Reborn or "Rebirth" is activated when the player voluntarily starts the game from the beginning to get unique guilds and talents in favor of continuing the game beyond the normal limit.


    Reborn can be done at the star. You need to fulfill several conditions:
    • Your character (and its clones) must learn all guild lessons up to 360.
    • You should have enough RP (Reborn Points) to commit these acts.
    After choosing reborn your character will be teleported to the Seastone star. The character becomes 0 lvl. But all your guilds etc are saved on your first clone. You can switch between clones any time you want at any star.


    The clones of one characters differ by:
    • Combat level (Religion level is shared).
    • Race and race abilities.
    • Learned guilds.
    • Avi (default for the race or personal).
    All other attributes like: inn, bank, clan status, achievements, professions, etc are shared for all clones.

    For example, after choosing reborn, you can always go back to the star, and switch to the senior clone to participate in a tournament.

    After every reborn your maximum level will increase for 5 lvls(it is not required to reach 360 on newly reborn clone to add the +5 max to current 360+ clones), so by using reborn system you can reach 365 lvl on both your clones, and after choosing to reborn on second clone you can raise 370 on all of them and so on.

    When you character and its clone has learned all available lessons in usual guilds(360 max), he can start to learn unique lessons in Orders. There are 5 lessons in every Order (instead of 15 in usual ones). Each clone will be taught Orders separately.

    The 10 orders available now are:

    · Order of Courage:for every lesson character will get +5% HP
    · Order of Magic Power:for every lesson character will get +5% MP
    · Order of Mastery:for every lesson character will get 10% chance to take no durability loss after hit or taking damage
    · Order of Deadly Blow: every lesson gives 0.1% to kill the enemy with one shot
    · Order of Treasure Keepers: each first login to the game after the daily restart gives you a chest with useful alchemy potions in your backpack. The number of items depends on the amount of lessons learned in the Order.
    · Order of Adventurers: each lesson wll reduce by 5% the waiting time for repeat quests, as well as reducing by 5% the cost of refreshing boards
    · Order of Easy Steps: each lesson gives you a 5% chance that you will move between locations without the usual 2 seconds tedious waiting.
    · Order of Cargo: each lesson adds 5% to your maximum weight.
    · Order of Conquerors: each lesson increases the damage vs monsters by 10%
    · Order of Zeal: each learned lesson adds 3% to the final value of the Strength, Vitality, Agility and Intelligence

    You can learn Orders only with RP (Reborn Points).

    By the end of autumn, another 10 Orders will be added with the issuance of redistribution to all characters!

    Reborn Points is a special currency that can be obtained in several ways:

    • During events it will drop from monsters at the Plutonia area.
    • Every day, four times a day in every region one quest item will drop, which will give the quest for RP. The quest cooldown is 23 hours.
    • Potions for RP can be purchased with most of the existing currencies: Quest Points, Tournament Points, Valor Points, Conquest Points etc.

    Server Consolidation

    After installing the update to RU-server, we will start the procedure for server consolidation between RU and COM.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The game client will have the option of selecting the main game language, as well as an option for those who know only Russian or English languages, or even both. All of this will be displayed in the list of players.


    Choosing the main language will change the client language and all system messages, as well as players who know only one language will not see the messages from other language players in general chat, trade chat, and also will not accept private messages in the other language.

    The remains the main site for English speaking community.

    Players from COM-server will receive a prefix “.com” to nickname and get one free nickname change.
  2. half breed

    half breed New Member

    so if you payed irl money for ur 1.0 gear now its gone with new update?
  3. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    Your existing personal artifacts as well as momentary artifacts will be removed and pt will be fully refunded as vplat (with which you can also buy gear subscription).
    If its 500 for all pieces and not just one.. thn u can get 2years if u spent 4kpt just from ur gear if u dont spend it
    in your case 1.0 you should still get 2 years
    i myself am a little annoyed because it should be perm.
    i dont understand the "stickers"
    and as u can see i'm not sure if its full set for 500 or non full set, i think there should be a year subscription too.
    not many people be happy with this update
  4. Lego

    Lego New Member

    Dont like this change

    Paid a fixed amount so that there no future cost. Now the longer you play the more you spent .... of course in your case is more income for you...pfff
  5. Lego

    Lego New Member

    U should just refund those who has 2.0 gears. All 2.0 players r 1.0

    Let everyone keep 1.0 gears. We paid for real money ... we wanted permanent, we wanted hassel free. Now u give us a chore

    If you want to give free gears via mobs drop. Then refund all plat players their plats but let us keep our 1.0 gears
  6. TopicStarter Overlay

    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    The max coeff after merge will be 1.0, we make this decision, only because .com server hasn't 2.0. Many players ask for merge and complain for low activity. Now you will get real active pvp and pvm community and personal gear with reasonable price without any complications.
    Also we will give full refund in vplat, and you can use it whenever you want to play. Spend that vplat for max full set (any type) personal gear only when you play. These gear will not loss durability and etc.
    Stickers will be a picture for your character's gear slot. Any item that you will put to that slot will be seen like sticker.
  7. Lego

    Lego New Member

    Yes, but deny the option of only refunding those ppl in ru with 2.0 gears

    Ru players with 2.0 downgrade to 1.0....u only refund to those with 2.0

    the rest ppl with 1.0 or lower keep the gears.

    RU forum also suggested it


    Its like I bought a house with real money $10,000 (I can stay forever until I dead or pass to my children)....then u decide to take it away and refund $10,000.

    then tomorrow onwards, I have rent my own house for $2000 a year (example)

    but in 5 yrs I used all the $10,000 and
    year 6 I need start paying rental with real money.

    If not hungry for money what is this??
    half breed likes this.
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    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    its not a RU forum anyway. They can suggest everything they want, but real 2.0 owners like new updates, especially downgrade gear to 1.0 max and new reborn features.

    Your example is very interesting, but not clearly suitable for today situation. Its kinda example like: you bought a movie ticket, and when its over u are continue sitting and say "I dont go away from this place, because I have paid for it".

    If you think that we will get more money right now, its up to you, but on average counts ppl who had full 1.0 will order personal gear for real plat in very far future. Even I dont know what will be at that time. And price for it with all discounts will be simply incompatible with current prices for personal gear. And now players can get personal gear even from monsters, events and etc.

    First for all we want to make game more interesting for old players and easy accessible for new players.
  9. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    ok, so a full .4 set cost around 4k pt, at 500pt per 3 months every 12 months its 2k pt, that gives you two years, using your vpt. i still think their needs to be yearly subs but meh
    also guys i was thinking about this, but if you were to buy two full set 1.0 how much would it cost you? because ur subscirption would allow another set :/
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2015
  10. Lego

    Lego New Member


    movie ticket is an expense (ticket to north), a house is an investment like goes thru wear n tear so we have blacksmith oil like painting the house
  11. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    a house is like a shop, you still need to pay land rate thingies every so often, so even though u got the house ur still paying money to keep the land it is on, like a shop on ds.
  12. mirotvorec

    mirotvorec New Member

    Why do you have 1.0 online 10 people?
  13. half breed

    half breed New Member

    well i agree with lego i baught the 1.0 gear so didnt half to go hunt or grind for it i paid alot of irl money for my gear and now just like .eu you slap me in the face and take it away and its my own tough luck you want the game to be fair well as far as i knew everyone has the right to buy plat gear just like me and several others did as usual when yall try to fix things for the most part you just mess it up more wish i had gotten to vote on all this oh well i will check it out but im shure you just lost 2 characters plus our alts we spend money on geesh
  14. half breed

    half breed New Member

    you forced lvl 360 on us we didnt like it but we delt with it but now u hitting us in the wallet as if ones like me that paid alot of money for 1.0 gear now u want us to pay more it already cost alot to buy or even to farm and brew pots and for traps scanners and such but now of course you need more i guess so now you attack the gear when there is so many other ways you could make money without touching the gear oh never mind im just talking to a wall anyways been nice playing while it lasted see ya
  15. zatoichi

    zatoichi New Member

    I have to agree with half breed I paid real money for my gear and now u want to give me vplat and then if I want to use gear ive already paid for I have to use that plat up. The analogy about the house is right, as right now I have full plat arts on 3 characters which now costs me nothing unless I want to upgrade it but u want me to use the plat from the sale of these arts to finance my "subscription" this is a con and im not convinced about the legality of it
  16. Boom

    Boom New Member

    What is the point of having gear now a day's if there is no one to play with .4 or 1.0. Having a merge where everyone can have the same gear effect is important. You always group up with players so now you can group better. It will always be about the stronger group and always will be about group power, now there will just be more targets. I have two 1.0 characters and 3 .4 alts which really does not matter. If you expected to get something form of $ out of this game you really should not have put any $ into this game. There is no investment here, its strictly enjoyment of the game.
  17. Lego

    Lego New Member

    Ofc, but does yr land rates cost a lot? Lol land rates a small small fraction of the total investment of a house. 100 yrs of paying land rate also will not sum up the investment of a house
  18. Lego

    Lego New Member

    Yes that is a point. Without a doubt the activity of the game will pick up until u used up the v plats.

    Then we shall see.
  19. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    and do the .4 cost alot?
    u dont have to use the gear if u dont want but hey u still have your pt that u spent on your gear right? :)
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    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Here the approximate difference of the value in subscription calculation. Note, the value of the art pictures is added in the calculation (+ 50pt for art). Also I should note, that the values are rounded slightly in one direction or another for easier perception.

    Set 1.0
    Orc 1.0 (sword + axe) = 36 500 pt (1.0 with discounts (700pt) = 4 years. No discount (1400pt) for 2 years.
    Mage 1.0 (staff + shield) = 25 000pt (1.0 with discounts (700pt) = 3 years. No discount (1400pt) for 1.5 years.

    Set 0.4
    Orc 0.4 (sword + axe) = 6450 pt (0.4 with discounts (125pt) = 4 years. No discount (250pt) for 2 years.
    Magу 0.4 (staff + shield) = 4080 pt (0.4 with discounts (125pt) = 2.6 years. No discount (250pt) for 1.3 years.

    And also look to the temporary arts drop formula:

    Total Mononsters killed: 1000
    Equipped items drop: 400
    Temporary arts from them: 40
    Usual items from them: 360

    Arts 0.4 30
    Arts 0.75 8
    Arts 1.0 2

    We will not do less chances, only possible to increase the drop rate of monsters, but first we must look the market statistics. Just imagine how many tmporary gear you can obtain during your subscription! As a result, after the subscription will end, the game market will be overloaded by temporary gear with different coeffs. Anyway, the subscription is a vip service: you get any coeff you want with no durability loss and other troubles, also you can equip all your clones as you want with same quality personal gear. In general, the system saves the players from the hard and unnecessary choice of artifacts parameters, upgrade, downgrade, changing ownership, waiting for acknowledgment, etc. And now only few ppl can afford the top coeff personal gear, cuz its very expensive.

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