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    Good day.
    Let us introduce ourselves: we are High Tower Entertainment. We’re the company which developed and continues to support this game and we also own the rights to the service and all associated properties, such as Dark Swords trademark. The contract to license the game with Amber Games was signed by a private individual who is no longer a CEO of our company and hasn’t been with us for a while. Moreover, the contract period expired substantial time ago no matter if Amber Games claims otherwise. In this circumstances we were forced to take over the service and continue supporting it on our own. Nevertheless we are in talks with Amber Games and other parties to sign another licensing contract.

    We would like to dispel any rumors which have recently started circulating: we have no plans to shut down the server, nor do we have any plans to merge servers or user bases in the foreseeable future. There might be inter-server events such as tournaments coming up soon, though! Furthermore, we are the original and only developer and thus are able to provide a quicker turnaround to resolve the issues with the game and implement new features especially those suggested by our community.

    So, what are we doing right now? Until the end of the week we plan to fully restore payment functionality and issue tracker system and start recruiting admin and moderator staff.

    We are also preparing new events and promotions, and have a feature in the pipeline where players will be able to collect Prisms containing valuable potions and other consumables previously unobtainable by the players who did not wish to spend platinum on them. There are also new pets, quests and events, achievements, better "roll dice" system and plenty of other things coming up very soon.

    Stay with us and we will do our best not to disappoint!
    High Tower Entertainment

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