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Do u like new avi?

  1. Yes, of course.

    6 vote(s)
  2. Yes, definitely.

    14 vote(s)
  3. No, I do not like them.

    1 vote(s)
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    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Spring has come and it's time to throw away the old "clothes".

    In early March, we'll automatically update players' avatars. The following table shows the old and new avatars.

    *If you do not like the new avatars, you can change them to another from new set using the service "redistribution". After changing the avatar, we'll lower the redistribution cost of usual guilds per one gradation.

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  2. alphamale

    alphamale New Member

    Why the vote is rigged, There is no I do not like the new Avatar, Or I would like to keep mine. But I do like my new avatar. But there should be more of a choice in the vote buttons.
  3. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    Poll Fixed ;)
  4. Leonardo

    Leonardo New Member

    +++++ Love them.
  5. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    Very cool!

    So happy to see stuff changing at a decent pace now. (time to advertise! ;P)
  6. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Why? We create good poll ))))
  7. Nou Sourcerer

    Nou Sourcerer New Member

    Can't wait :))
  8. agreynel

    agreynel New Member

    green meanies still green & mean - good job
  9. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    i just dont like the one mines guna look like
  10. alphamalegs

    alphamalegs New Member

    i dislike the mages but the others look good
  11. slips

    slips New Member

    awesome changes.. cant wait :p
  12. Rilando

    Rilando Member

    Tannks very good avi,
    And drows)
  13. clovers

    clovers New Member

    Rollback to the first ones ever :)

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