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    • Virtual Platinum renamed to Sapphires
    • The quests "Runaway Prisoner", "Components", "Tribes at War", "Feast", "Dragon Tongues", "Kani Miso Shiro", "Hellish Errand", "Poisoned Lover", "Way to Atlantis", "Marids Gift" and "Treasure Hunter" have been reworked and moved to a new map
    • Instead of gold in some of these quests, EXP and Sapphires are added as a reward
    • All players can complete these quests again

    • More info in this forum post

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    Runaway Prisoner
    1st quest - 5k experience reward
    2nd quest - reward 20 sapphires

    1st quest - 4.5k experience reward
    2nd quest - reward 50 sapphires
    Witch in location 22802

    Quest NPC at location 22698
    Reward 25 sapphires
    the quest is no longer repeatable

    Dragon Tongues
    Healer at location 22142
    Reward 9 sapphires
    the quest is no longer repeatable

    Tribes at War
    1st quest reward 20 sapphire
    2nd quest reward 5 sapphire
    3rd quest reward 25 sapphires
    4th quest reward Pygmy gift, which can be sold for 400k gold to the store

    Kani Miso Shiro
    Michiro is at area 23638.
    Reward 18 Sapphires
    The quest is no longer repeatable

    Hellish Errand
    Reward instead of clothes - 25 sapphire

    Poisoned Lover
    1st part - 4000 experience reward
    2nd part - reward 30 sapphire
    Witch in location 22802

    Way to Atlantis
    Priestess Ellina now issues instead of region. she is in location 23751
    significantly changed the text

    Marid's Gift and Treasure Hunter
    * quest for the treasure hunter's compass *
    Gives a mob Marid instead of a region in location 22923

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