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    1) The winners in the competition for Decorating the Christmas Tree:
    • 10 players will receive 25 lottery tickets: VVP, Nemaa, Forrestgump, - G R U T -, Dave83, Kakarot, Garraj, Temperance, CIIAPTAK, _SAMURAI_
    • 5 players will receive 40 lottery tickets and 1000 mogash marks: DEATH, Woodju, _DoppelgangeR_, Mllm, Jhrec
    • The 1 player who brings the most Confetti will receive 2000 Platinum and an annual premium subscription to PVP and PVM at the same time: Het (495 Confetti)
    • 2) The following players receive gifts for PVP:
      • 10 players will receive 10 lottery tickets: AntiKid, KOT_V_SAPOGAH, Baton, Roman99, Mystique, AntiKid, Undefined, Undefined, Mllm, _DoppelgangeR_
      • 5 players will receive 15 lottery tickets:, Mystique, Audi s, Kenpachi Zaraki, iiMerk
      • 3 players will receive 25 lottery tickets and 500 platinum: Larimar, Fillip, Asteroid
      • 1 player wins and receives 25 lottery tickets, 1500 platinum and 3 months PVP subscription: Undefined
    • You can watch the video with the determination of the winners HERE

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