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    Boom New Member

    I have been accused of religion cheating today which was beyond my ability. I explained this to the main moder but was unable to prove my point.

    Today, I attacked a member of a completely different clan, I asked if it was anyones alt in allaince chat and it appeared to be no ones alts. so I killed the player after my pet saved me and I did not get any warnings at all a lot of time has passed and the same person got into my trap it was a 'someone' so I did not know who it was. I showed up and he knew he got into my trap but was ready to act or atleast he thought he was, he used genie over and over, making me unable to move and kept aggressiving my tank forcing it to attack, finally the genie dropped his HP to 0 and he died. I was stuck there and could not move but was forced to hit due to pet.

    The member was in a member of my clan alt clan which now means that he is a part of your clan while being in a completely different allaince all together. To me this is new, it is unity in Darkswords I got punished for this while he did not. To me this does not make sense or has any reasonable action or justification. In my opinion if you are not in my allaince then you are targettable I have made the offers out there for everyone to join me and I was clear about it. As for alts of my clan who are in another clan this clearly seems to be a HUGE issue as you now clearly become of my clan and allaince now... An example would be 2gats having an alt in Sassink clan well that member is in JL so that whole allaince now becomes part of my allaince due to that one alt... but what about JL's ties with another dominate alliance would they now be considered apart of yours? According to the main mod it seems clear that they would be considered. In a game with very small players you would think this would be easy to figure out but it is not as I am now been accused of religion cheating for this. Maybe that person set me up for this, as I do pride myself in religion levels.

    How do we fix this?
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  2. ann

    ann Member

    I understand if I killed robbins but I didn't ... was my king who killed. It's not cheating and wasn't before just because dan gets a idea in he's head that's it. Your ruining ds and making people not want to log in. This vendetta with me is becoming stupid. Is this dans show or the peoples players game?
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  3. DanElectro

    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    1, he will be punished when online
    2, your story about 2gatz being in a BONE members clan/ally should be even more obvious to all involved before inviting, way before KILLING becomes a issue
    you cant just invite players to YOUR clan and then feign ignorance about their alts/clans after collecting exp, if you are unwilling to even find out this much about your members this will almost certainly happen again, right?

    ann.. you were warned about this same thing with the last alliance you were in because of realm sieging YOUR OWN ALLY... you have killed your own clan members plenty of times.. why are you still thinking that pretending you dont know any better will get you anywhere
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    Boom New Member

    If you want to pvp I invite all who are interested. I do not care about gear, history, race, religion, I want players who want to play. I do not like to pry into lives of other players, I am only interested in pvp. I do not think I need to go into major details about who their alts are, as I want the player you use for pvp. For me to understand that alts do exist is clear, I do not think they should have religion adapt. BUT Other players are their own character, and if they fall into an alts clan while not being an alt in my clan (they should not be entitled to protection) due to an alt member of my clan being in that other characters clan. To me this gets confusing and this is where the concept gets unclear and this is why I used 2gats as strictly an example. Where do you draw the line?
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  5. DanElectro

    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    the line was this clan was OWNED by a member in your clan, not just some random member.. LEADERS have the responsibility to deal with their members before such situations become a no one gets a headache over this later
  6. ann

    ann Member

    No that's *inappropriate*. I don't own robs. Nor do I control where he goes. I didn't kill him and it was arrange fight you just want reasons to punish people away from server not help them stay and make it active. Who doesn't have alts. I don't know not one but dans really needs to use common sense of which he lacks. Need a main mod who has it before more leave
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  7. akad

    akad New Member

    soooo, let me get this clear,i have many alts, many many, and many with reli, many many. now i log on one that no one knows, and fight someone who is probably one alt of many of someone else, it eventually comes to dawn that we have some kind of connection on one of our other numerous alts.. we get punished then?

    i know some people who have an alt in almost all the big clans, and they have reli,

    im thinking, best way to go is to ask..

    you alt nr what?
    whos your main,
    what clans are you in?
    do we have alts in the same ally or something?

    clear those first before you attack someone whos fallen in your trap?
    or before a siege?
    or before a group battle?

    5 vs 5 and we all there in Ark clearing issues before we finally do move to gate?

    better figure out a fix to this.
    Easy to put whole responsibility on clan leaders when game made no provisions for this.

    May i join your clan?
    whos your main
    how many alts you have
    how many have reli
    what lvl are they

    HILARIOUS really.
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  8. DanElectro

    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    those sound like good questions before inviting someone to your clan, you may not be able to be responsible for every action a member takes, but clearing it up before giving them a invite ? sorting it out when such situations arise? yes that is a leaders responsibility.. not ignore all the FAR too common relig cheating due to " ignorance" and then claim innocence after the fact, while still taking no actions to prevent it from taking place again in the future..there has been far too many
  9. ann

    ann Member

    It wasn't cheat. Your forgetting that little bit
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    Boom New Member

    I do question the ability of who monitors this conduct, there appears to be bias towards certain members while turning a blind eye to others. I do not get what the perspective is when you become an employee of amber games, I know you tend to see things differently then a gamer would. I think that is why this server is dying, there is a lack of care for the player and strong bias towards certain players. The reasoning behind this does not make sense nor is it laid out clearly, its a jump to conclusion and no investigation is made. There are very few players in this game left now, perhaps due to poor management, I do not know. But I do know is that for this server to strive things need to change, the players are reducing but the management is the same...

    For screening of players does not make much sense to me, as your alliance grows and you have several clan members who can also add players too making the alliance bigger are you suggesting that there needs to be a grand creator and ruler of the alliance to allow players in? This process seems unrealistic I am sorry to say.
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  11. Lithium Lullaby

    Lithium Lullaby Member Staff Member

    I believe in this case, the decision was ultimately left to the Administration, who decided that punishment of both parties was required.

    I also believe a ticket to the Administration would be far more conducive than a mud slinging match, which is what this has boiled down to.

    I am locking this topic, pending input from Admin.
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