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    The DarkSwords Forum Wiki has decided to do a monthly raffle to try to encourage new users to view and contribute to the site. The raffle will consist of three prizes:
    • 1st : 50pt
    • 2nd: 35pt
    • 3rd: 15pt
    The raffle will be drawn between the first and second week of the month.
    First this is a work in progress, so please be patient with me.
    You must be registered in this forum to be eligible for the raffle. You MUST be registered while editing the wiki to receive Tickets. Before adding to the wiki pages you need to ask Bobby for access.

    (Note: Any spam or abuse of the wiki will result in a ban and note since this is on forum it will be a temporary forum ban, and you will not be allowed to enter anymore raffles.)
    To create a page click on the wiki link at the top of forum and select create page. The pages are listed alphabetical make sure the page you are creating is not there then add it;). I will review each page for accuracy and to see if more is needed. If you have any trouble adding things to the wiki, please ask me.
    Please keep your page orderly and logical. Make them easy to follow. Thank you for your help.

    Users may receive tickets by contributing to the wiki. These ticket amounts are based upon the type of page a user creates.
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