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Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by ezibito, Mar 15, 2015.

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    ezibito New Member

    if u intersted in joining the ally reshuffle please psot ur char name here. please dont flood here just the flood is in original post
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    ezibito New Member

    my char ezibito sigining in for reshuffle
  3. Colton

    Colton New Member

    Dale Doback
  4. _PortgaR D. Ace_

    _PortgaR D. Ace_ New Member

    My char is _PortgaR D. Ace_
  5. Dark Talon

    Dark Talon New Member

    my character is Dark Talon
  6. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    Flo and Jane or I can keep one of the inactive for now if needed.
  7. Fallingstar

    Fallingstar New Member

    Falling star
  8. agreynel

    agreynel New Member

  9. ann

    ann Member

    Miss anya
  10. Crumble

    Crumble New Member

  11. Azov

    Azov Member

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2015
  12. arne3johan

    arne3johan New Member

  13. _PortgaR D. Ace_

    _PortgaR D. Ace_ New Member

  14. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    TheCollector tentatively reporting for duty
  15. Checks

    Checks New Member

  16. Dolly

    Dolly New Member

    Liz and dolly are in
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  17. mike

    mike New Member

    im in for reshuffle
  18. mike

    mike New Member

    this is rotty, im in for reshuffle
  19. rex_phantom

    rex_phantom New Member

  20. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    i'd like to give it ago, not sure how i feel about leaving my clan but anyway GaaraKazekage is me

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