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    Touka Karishima

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    Hi everyone, I will be looking to start making Orders. I will only do orders of a max of 24 teleports per order, only 1 set of 100 Tranquilizers and antidotes, x50 of each buff potion (No Gens) Please for my sake keep orders small as I will be working alone and I don't have that much time during the week to be on everyday

    BlackTown/UnderGround 250k each
    EverSpring 280k each
    Ark/Ruby/Seastone 350k each

    Antidotes x100 3mil
    Tranquilizers x100 5.5mil
    All Buff Potions 15k
    Sanctuary 60k

    Traps 4mil
    Clouds 2mil
    Scanners/Compass 1mil (Maximum 5 at a time)

    PM me on Touka or Jinx to order, If I am working on an order I will let you know or join me on Discord and put in order on the Discord. Cheers Guys

    https://discord.gg/WY9bYF [Discord room]

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