Open Letter: Calling on Gods to support ally rebalance

Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by Kinglock, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Kinglock New Member

    Dear Gods,

    I would like to come back to game and support ezi's initiative to make 4 even pvp allies.

    Ally bonuses are a major incentive to seek unfair advantage and dominate others to the point where they leave the game. They are also a major disincentive to playing/fighting once you achieve +15% ( say after the 3rd day each month).

    Can we please disable ally bonuses (effective immediately, or 1st April if we have to wait). If revenue is stable or increases, I ask that the bonuses stay disabled for 3 months - after which you can decide whether to make this permanent.

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  2. ann

    ann Member

    I say aso for the quest games. the bonues
  3. Azov

    Azov Member

  4. Checks

    Checks New Member

    the alliance bonus is a very unfair advantage given to a large group of ppl, and it creates an environment for allies to sit safe with group and wait on traps that are mirrored to go off, lets disable these clan bonuses, as for the quest bonuses those are a single bonus gained and single bonuses needs to stay, some cant afford to buy spheres or flowers and the rebuttle to that is to win quests, get rid of ally bonus keep the quests bonus!!!!
  5. Lego

    Lego New Member

    else or either
    1 ) drop the ability to group making everyone solo (just like those 3D pvp games) and or
    2) remove tanks and or
    3) restrict 5 members per clan and drop ally concept
  6. Lego

    Lego New Member

    sadly this needs buy in from RU. server first
  7. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    limit of 5.. that's horrible :D my clan is basically just myself
  8. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    I agree with the alliance bonus removal, top alliance should be rewarded, but find a better way to do it. A clan land that is only available to the top alliance (changes each restart if alliance spot has changed). If you reward the strongest by making them stronger dethroning them becomes a huge uphill mountain to climb
  9. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    We are dont mind to disable ally bonuses for 1 month at least as an experiment. But what we can give them instead? Any ideas?
  10. ezibito

    ezibito New Member

    as a die hard bone forever i can tell u no1 reason for not fighting avialble oposition as always been the risk of losing bonus. for me enjoying this bonus forever. it as always been a curse more then a boon. what makes this game fun is fighting anything that limits fighting should be removed.
    which brings me to my second point. hp/mana bonuses. the more a person have the more poeple u need to kill him. azov and moe always complain bone always wait for bone to have huge numbers in order to fight them, but realy? if we need 3-4 jsut to kill azov with his 10 spheres, why would we fight with less?. i think almost all of the bonuses for all hp and mana be removed. return sphere to a monthly event and limit the amount of spheres that can be used at once to 3.
    quests and any other events prizes should be changed from mana hp related to good pots or anything that would encourge poeple to step out of town.
    anti scan should be removed if u cant find ur target u wont fight it. should def remove the pt bought scanners and if want to still keep the option make it very dificult to brew but i think removing completly is better.
  11. ezibito

    ezibito New Member

    another option is make any kind of hp or mana bonus to last a max of 1 day. even the ally bonus. if u fight for it everyday might induce more fighting
  12. Leonardo

    Leonardo New Member

    Why not just remove all HP/MP bonuses period. Give them 15% more damage instead. or something like that.
    As for anti locators, they are one of the only think supporting the economy at the moment lol. if you remove them then you have to put something in its place.
    I still want brewable totemic effects and the ability to repair zodiac weapons. (Not everyone has plat weapons blast it)
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    Kinglock New Member

    Admin, I would be happy to give up 15% bonus simply in exchange for getting some fights going. However, if we must be rewarded, how about +30/20/10% religion experience for top 3 allies.
  14. Taylor Burgess

    Taylor Burgess New Member

    Smaller bonuses perhaps... 2, 4, & 6% ?? Maybe clan bonus can be divided up into smaller ideas such as PvM damage bonus, shop discounts, no gear damage, genes... These are just a few ideas... Be creative! Come up with something that doesn't drastically turn PvP into a lopsided battle. I've been back one week. Have only encountered one battle. Not at all what I was looking forward to returning to. So lets mix it up, even #1 BONE is willing to give up pure dominance and take a loss to get some action.
  15. dave

    dave New Member

    You should have to reach a min amount of clan/ally xp b4 you get the bonus. earn bonus in stages. say for example, for 5% you need 500xp, 10% 1000xp, 15% 1500xp
  16. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    How about increased % of drops from lands / kingdoms owned by alliance. Let's face it if you're top alliance then you probably own some decent lands.

    Or top alliance gets access to a clan land.
    Or reduction in durability loss.
    Or as Taylor suggested simply reduce the effectiveness of the alliance bonus, so it's still nice to have but not devastating to oppose
  17. Starviver

    Starviver New Member

    The change to 30/20/10 % of additional relig xp is not working the gain is pretty much invisible and i do believe sometimes we don't gain but loose the xp. I do agree to keep it as relig bonus but it would have to be much higher in my eyes, at least that would motivate to war and fight because now, the 100xp from /60 if you have a group brings you down to like max 1k xp from a massive clan siege which means nothing, which also gets caped down so your low level religion players are forced to hunt solo or stay low level forever, and if they don't want or can't hunt solo then are always going to be far behind. How about increasing the amount of xp you gain while you have a group battle by at least 100%, so that a kill of /60 would gain you about 300-500 xp each which would be something much more better. Now unless you get ares as level /39 and don't hunt solo it will take you about 2 years to get to /60 no matter how active team player you are. It has been changed to decrease it , but that is terrible and should be increased back. increase the normal solo xp gain, don't be afraid that people will get high religion levels, the more high religion players there are the more fun it can be. so in the end, need more religion xp per kills, especially from group fight. you have increased by darksouls and is place to be revised here. the 30% extra relig xp that we have as a top alliance is pretty much non existing bonus which puts down the wish to war, while wars are one of the best parts of the pvp in the game. also it would allow to interest more people who just start to take religion up and not spend a forever trying to catch up and join the fun. thanks, the mr handsome :)
  18. Weeyin2015

    Weeyin2015 New Member

    Drop groups and protection for religion pvp and drop religion from realm, clan wars, sieging. Its a very simple solution!

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