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Discussion in 'News & Discussion' started by Bobby, May 4, 2016.

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    Dear friends, in last few years after the introduction of the dolls, the new service does not appear, and we regularly existing reduced rates. Remember how many artifacts were worth 1.0 a few years ago, how many worth pets, bouquets, etc. And now we decided to radically redefine the concept of monetizing games and finally go to the micro-average payments.

    Our main targets are:
    1. Collect all the paid services in one place
    2. Give the opportunity to play without buying plat to those players who are willing to spend a lot of time in game
    3. Return lost aim after the introduction of gear subscription for "brewers" and “farmers” become stronger for the ingame platinum
    4. Reduce the cost of services to a level that can "overpower" a greater number of players
    We are glad to introduce the following new paid services:

    >> Backpack Sub
    Can offer in artifact store. You can buy a 5 rows for 5pt/month or 10 rows for 10pt/month. Also, a pack of quests for free rows in backpack in the development. It turned out a little more expensive in plat, but if you do not keep up with a backpack - it does not need more to buy rows from first one, etc.

    >> Spheres Sub
    They will remain in world and platinum alchemist shop. Subscription: + 25% HP&MP for a month now costs 75pt, and 50% for 150pt. Previously, it costs almost $60 per month.

    >> Alchemy Supplies
    It is a new subscription, allows to obtain a set of really necessary items after daily reboot. List of potion is here. Cost: 100pt per 30 days

    >> Eternal Bonus
    We have introduced the possibility to buy an eternal flowers for pt. The scheme is follows: an eternal bonus of 1% costs 300pt, then you can upgrade at the artifact store (reini is needed) in increments of 1% without any overpayments. The difference between the 1% and 2% is 18pt, and between 69% and 70% is 147pt. Thus, the players can gradually improve their characters.

    >> Other Subs
    For those, who do not want to wait for weekend bonuses a little bit later will be introduced the following subscriptions:
    1. x2 Religion EXP gain (the loss is x1);
    2. x2 Damage to Monsters;
    3. x2 Professions;
    4. x2 Bulletin Boards.
    >> New Recipes
    Now most necessary combat alchemist can be bought only in a platinum alchemist. We want to give our users an alternative and at the same time compensate their loss of sales after the introduction of Alchemy Supplies. In the selection of potions for the recipes, we proceeded from the fact that it is necessary to give the player the opportunity to get a set of most necessary potions for fighting. Potions that provide convenience and save time are left in platinum alchemy. Thus buying pt is not necessary, but desirable for players who want to fight comfortably.

    So we added the recipes for the following potions:
    1. Awareness
    2. Magical Scanner
    3. Compass
    4. Trap for choose
    5. Potion of Secret Source
    6. Vaccination
    7. 100 Tranqs
    8. 100 Antidots
    9. Artemis Tear
    10. Sacred Graal
    11. Hephaestus Maul
    Platinum Alchemy

    Minor changes:
    • Elixir Permanence now works for 6 hours (updated also already bought potions).
    • Added the Divine Encouragement potion: 4pt/1hour.
    We hope, that you will appreciate the reduction in the overall prices and the ability to play without the required investments. If you like it, do not forget to invite back the old players you know. This will help us. Thank you in advance.
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    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Attention! You cannot renew backpack in game now (from client). When sub ends the items will be trasffered to inn. Dont worry, we are already working about more comfortable blocking from the client. Thank you for understanding.
  3. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    Backpack sub is less and cost more now. Many of us paid for more than 10 rows long ago and paid only 5 plat for the upkeep once we had it. Now 10 rows is the max for double the price.
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  4. half breed

    half breed New Member

    yea its cheaper in bulk but not everyone can afford to buy in bulk . i know some ppl spend alot on the game but to some of us its just not worth the money and yall keep goin up on prices now back back cost 5 more plat than before and 4 plat for a 1 hr encouragement pot geesh should be 12 hr
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