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    Change Log:
    • The amount of possible uses is shown in Recipe Book;
    • The items hints were added to Recipe Book;
    • Double-click at the items image in the description of the recipe (in Recipe Book): copy the object code;
    • The confirmation window is added to "forget" function in Recipe Book;
    • Fixed "runaway" windows with non-standard desktop;
    • Fixed the display of learned lessons while forgetting the first lesson in the guild;
    • The items displaying is added to the chat (no more than 3 in one message);
    • Added "Copy Code" in the pop-up menu at any item;
    • Removed Halloween smiles;
    • The algorithm of image loading is changed;
    • Items filter is added to the Inn;
    • Fixed names displaying after quest finishing;
    • Fixed doppelganger displaying on the map;

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