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Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by Leonardo, Feb 27, 2015.

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    Leonardo New Member

    These are just a few ideas I have for the game.

    1 - Allow the Welkin Hammer to repair Zodiac weapons. It does count as Zodiac gear after all.

    2 - Have a 25% or 50% off Avatar sale.

    3 - Allow players to keep their religion bonuses in PvM for 12-24 hours after they lose it in pvp. This will cause more players to take pvp/religion and fight to win for bonuses as well as gain more religion levels for pvm farming.

    4 - Have a x3 Gold Day or Weekend once per month.

    5 - Fred for Mayor

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  2. dave

    dave New Member

    All good except 3 it could cause players to suicide religion just so they get the 12 hour bonus without being hunted

    P.S best idea is #5
  3. dave

    dave New Member

    Maybe give bonus to miners, farmers who have religion active (if not already implemented already in game)
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    Leonardo New Member

    Upon reviewing my idea, here are the new and improved ones.

    1. Brewable Totemic Essences - This way we can add the proper totem we wish to an item. No more Aries armor of the penguin with no way to change it -.-

    2. Welkin Hammer - Allow it to repair Zodiac Weapons, which are Afterall, Zodiac gear. Also, so this does not ruin the economy, remove the Soulbound nature of the Welkin Hammers so that they can be bought and sold, and only work 50% of the time.

    3. Bring back the Void. This will kill off those players who sit in one spot for days in aggro range. EARN what you have lazy *bad words here*

    4. Fix Prisms - Currently imo the prisms drop items that aren't real useful for the average PvM player. Remove some of the un-needed items.

    5. Weekly Platinum Quests - Each quest rewarding 1-5 plat and can only be done once per week or month. Available only to those who have reached 300+ or so to reward them for sticking around and keeping playing.

    6. PvP Tournaments - Much like regular tourneys these will be for religion players only and reward 4x religion XP per kill. The winner of the tournament receives Double religion XP for 24 hours.

    7. Weekly Lottery - Starting Pot of 10,000,000 gold. Tickets cost 25,000 to 100,000 gold, 50% of that amount added to the jackpot.

    8. Vote Fred for Mayor - Why the hell not? We've had worse in America. At least he's honest about it. :D

  5. DaVinci

    DaVinci New Member

    #1 love this idea
    #2 if u have plat gear this doesnt matter, so this wont happpen
    #3 void is a bad idea, if u like to idle to read chat or trade then this is bad idea sorry bro
    #4 if everyone was getting geno/reward pots then shops would be bankrupt
    #5 only if plat was soulbound u could only buy soulbound plat items then yes i agree, or u could farm 10 toons and transfer to main account
    #6 not really viable
    #7 we used to have this didnt we? and it was the rich people who won lol
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    Leonardo New Member

    So for the last week I have been testing all kinds of essences on weapons of all type on all kinds of builds. As well as testing them on gears. This brings me to my point of concern/idea.

    Remove the following essences as they are for all intents and purposes useless.

    Reign of Hatred - Violence is the best on a weapon no matter the weapon or build. Owl or Sorcery are best on gear and wands in every aspect. There is literally no build or gear setup that would benefit from Hatred over Owl or Sorcery or Violence. This needs to either be removed completely or make it affect magic a little more than violence on weapons.

    Reign of Ice/Lightning/Fire - Why even use these at all when one can simply brew resistance onto their gear and if using an essence Elements is the only way to go. Remove them.

    Reign of Mystic - MP regen is kinda pointless with almost all builds. Either increase the MP given by this essence or change it to increase Mana shield absorb by a small percent.

    There are more, but this is just a basic idea. Feel free to comment please with your ideas/opinions.

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