Much needed changes to clans

Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by Hobgoblin, Nov 20, 2014.


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    Hobgoblin New Member

    Heres a few ideas I have had towards changes to clans.

    The amount of clan members should be increased.

    Clan points should come from
    1. Wars/Seiges
    2. Brewing
    3. Professions
    4. Tele's/pots

    Clan points should also be awarded by killing mobs. Each kill on a mob that is used for brewing should give clan experience as well. A few of the clans are brewers and don't pvp and clan levels is impossible.

    Clan points should also come from Alliance. The clans that make up a alliance should get points for others lands.

    Darkphants and Phants own land

    When clan points are given out not only would darkphants get points for lands they own, but would also get points for what phants own. This would promote bigger alliances and less widespread single clans.

    Last but not least, What is the point in a lance?

    First off, King of clan is head person
    Queen in clan is second in command... Get that (SECOND IN COMMAND) Yet the queen of the clan can not set flag on sieges.

    Queen of clan and lances should be able to raise flags on sieges. King and queen should give a permission for certain lance members to raise flag.
  2. ann

    ann Member

    what annoys me is clans just seiging to start the autowar.. s brewing clans cant own lands ? but to be wared at consently with sieges?
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    Hobgoblin New Member

    Or at least I think you should have to say what kind of clan you have, pvp or brew. pvp clans shouldn't be able to attack brew clans lands. Pvp clans should get those lands back only if mobs prosper and take the lands back from the brewing clans.
  4. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    Clan system is very unbalanced for the brewers. The game centers around the pvp clan yes, however. They rely on the brewers, the less brewers can do the less pvp there is.
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    Hobgoblin New Member

    That coming from a person who has a alt in a brew clan and a large pvp clan that's gotta count for something
  6. ann

    ann Member

    not a day goes passed where not seiged for the war... and for people who don't pvp this is fair?
  7. Avengelist

    Avengelist New Member

    The current situation is you cannot own lands as a brewing clan, The top PVP clans will and can attack them and take them easily. It seems the game is all about who can own the most territories and not about working together to attract new players and advance Darkswords itself. If you want to go and attack someone... Pick a clan of a similar level and make it a proper battle instead of a sensless slaughter. Big Alliances of PVP seem to target smaller Brewing Clans just for sport. How about a break from logging in and seeing wars all the time ? How are you supposed to brew or collect when you're constantly watching you don't get killed for War points by a full platted PVP player.

    When there are no pots and items to be had you'll have to become PVP'ing Brewers yourselves.
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  8. ann

    ann Member

    I think there should be a calculation at wars who can war who to even things out this is simply not fair.. waiting for the.. "well you own lands its your fault" comment.. why is it our fault we work our backsides off getting shops filled up for pvp
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    Hobgoblin New Member

    For having a full plat 1.0 character I can always say she has been fair at who she attacks... KUDOS
  10. ann

    ann Member

    and she can solo bone? don't be so silly
  11. Dark Talon

    Dark Talon New Member

    I do agree that there should be some lands that can only be owned by brewing clans or alliances, and that pvp clans should not be able to attack clans or alliances that are clearly brewing clan or alliances for easy points or whatever. There needs to be some sort of balance in the game as well as in pots to help brewers out as well.
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    Hobgoblin New Member

    Just for a interesting change in pvp and wars, I also thought up this idea. When a clan sieges a land. The mobs show up and attack the clan that is trying to siege the land. When a clan sieges from another clan, Not only do you have wars with the opposing clan, but the mobs attack you as well. I think that it would be a interesting turn. Picture this.

    Well say Triple x owns Blacktown. Princess ann is in black town grinding. She has a active war with the DarkPhantoms. Widge scans princess ann to find out shes grinding in black town with no antilocator on. Widge teles to black town.

    Clan lands defend attackers, Both against land, and person.
    As soon as the attacking clan hits the other clan, The mobs of the land rush to the square and help out the owner of the land.

    What good is owning land if all it does is brings in a tiny revenue. LOL just dreaming but would kinda be funny. Might even the really big numbers for the smaller ally.
  13. deadkorpse

    deadkorpse New Member

    The clan system is totally fair the clan system should be centred towards pvp the authority of land given to them so that they get the tax from the land on which brewers hunt and get stuff in clan.I mean like y do u get free tax from land there must be some sort of competition for that free stuff.
    As far as the raising of flag goes it will get crazy if the power is given to other because as u know the person who raises flag just has to survive and put a solid tank in that position u will win most of the sieges.Atleast this way there is less chance that this would happen.The king gets the highest exp for killing other clans.So the kings are generally the damage dealers.And if u guys think that a game would favour those who dont spend huge amounts of money then u are wrong my friend the amount of money DS gets for plat is already to much and then they give power non payers and the player base is also low.The game will run on fumes.
  14. deadkorpse

    deadkorpse New Member

    and yes i am a fully plated guy who bought the gears by brewing and grinding
  15. Bobby

    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Thank to all of you for suggestions and discussion. We'll take some of your ideas for next patches, of course our vision is slightly different) Also, we will introduce some new clan features, that will bring really new opportunities for both: pvp-players and brewers. And sieges will be reorganized.
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    Hobgoblin New Member

    sounds good to me my friend. Cant wait to see new changes come about. BTW your doing a awesome job at revamping the game. Way better then the other guys ever did. Keep up the good work!
  17. akad

    akad New Member

    2 Thumbs up for the great work so far :)
  18. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    Sweet can't wait to see the new changes ;) Of course I am sure there will be some to yell LOL. Cant make an omelet without breaking a few eggs though :p

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