Momentary Artifacts

Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by stribeassasin, Sep 23, 2015.

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    stribeassasin New Member

    How about now that u guys added this to the game let us sell those too ? not just wear/drop them ? Add another type of curency what u can get from selling those and lets say at 100 = 1 plat . Make a formula for the amount of tokens u get from selling those ... like 1/2 for a lvl 100 ( 0.4 ) and max 15/20 for lvl 360 ( 1.0 ).
    I think this will help alot the game and alot of ppl will like this ideea.
    Also each area should have a multi purpose shop . You go there and u press enter u select what u want : Scribe/dump/general store and other shops around the game . This could help us get our gold for lvlup guild after u increased so insane the price
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  2. Bobby

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    Thank you for suggestion, but the momentary arts were designed in such a way that you see now, and cannot be sold for pt. You can exchange pt for gold and vice versa any time you want in common exchanger. The same situation with shops: we have a lot of private shops and etc.

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