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    Requirements to be a mod:

    Fluent in English.
    Have a good working knowledge of the game and the rules.
    Know how to find information as needed.
    Be able to help ALL English and Russian players when questions are asked in private message or open chats.
    We mod the English chat only, unless on the RARE occasion there are no Russian mods.
    Special note: we watch in game for behavior and willingness to help, especially for the new players needing help.
    I would very much like to have some moderators that do not do PVP.
    Over 18

    Time is kept in server time (Moscow time), know how to determine what time and record your shifts on assigned forum.
    Message Arwen if interested. You may pm me in game, on skype ds-flo1 (michelle), or Discord Flo / Michelle#1694.

    No Positions Open
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