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    okay here i would like everyone to post what they like about the game and what can be improved please keep in mind that there are some big changes coming up don't criticize others be civil and lets work together to make strive! thank you for BREWING and PVP
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    i think there is things to change for brewers ,first the fishing has a terrible rate of catch a really low rate ,it should be a little bit higher in %,when you buy a fishing pole 20 plat you expect to at least make the same amount of fish or more not less ,higher the rates of getting amphs and higher lvl fish ,second when you go brew and you have 25 in alchemy you should have more higher % to get extras ,i think that is the reason prices are high in shops and ppl are not buying much so shops owner have to take out of there money to pay the rent , lottos should be more often ,so the prices of the lotto pots get cheaper ,you go and buy a heph maul and it cost you more then the weapon its self ,other thing ,there is golden anvil to fix the crafts gears why theres isnt something to fix a craft weapons ,other then that i love the changes
    thanks :)
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  3. More unique events would be nice, think I've posted about this before. Many games have themed events that correspond with real life events such as halloween, christmas etc. And while we do have events for those holidays, they need to be more frequent -monthly even. They don't need to be over the top, things like rate bonuses, freebies are fine, but things that are player involved (such as quizzes or the hide and seek event) are nice too.

    As a pastor I would like to see more bonuses to weddings as the current wedding rewards are mostly cosmetic. Pastors have talked before about introducing a yearly gift for married/battle united couples or a monthly quest married couples can do to receive bonuses.

    A larger player base would be nice too, the upcoming changes have promised to do this so we'll have to wait and see what happens I guess.
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