Idea's for DarkSwords Events.

Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by Takeo Suzuki, Apr 20, 2014.

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    Takeo Suzuki

    Takeo Suzuki Member

    So thought I would brainstorm some idea's here for events.

    #1 Lucky Spin.

    So this idea is basically that, for a certain amount of days players get the option of logging onto the site and spinning a virtual wheel (or something along those lines) that randomly rewards them with items.

    This can also have two different tiers, one for people that have bought platinum since event started and one for people that haven't, both have different rewards with the platinum spinners having better rewards or the same rewards just a bigger multiple of items given.

    #2 Voting System.

    I would also like to suggest this idea again, having voting links on the website that can be clicked once a day per IP address that give rewards, either items or currency, which would allow more people to gain exposure to our game thus increasing player numbers and also stimulate the in-game market.

    #3 New Tournaments.

    A new tournament type may introduce extra interest into DarkSwords. Maybe team events, where players all type a command to enter then the game would mix them into even teams, ie one tank, mage and hitter per team. The game would automatically assign a protection chain (Dwarf - Hitter - Mage) and the teams would be dropped into the same 3x3 square.

    Also, I have an idea that I have seen used on another game that worked VERY well.

    Players could log on to the DarkSwords site and build themselves a character for this particular tournament, they would all be hitters with same level and religion levels, with their choice of gear and essences. When entering the tournament their character would be changed into the one they have built and be transferred to a pot shop where they can pick whatever pots they want up to their weight capacity.

    This would provide not only an equal playing field but also give more fun to the players. The rewards for this tournament would of course be less than the actual tournament with your own character but still worth entering.

    #4 Optional Sign Up PvP Arena.

    This idea would allow characters to open a window and sign up for a 1v1 arena, each player would be ranked within this arena and would start on 0 points every month. When signing up, the server would match you against an opponent of around the same point amount, and upon winning a match you would receive an amount of points, which raises your rank in the arena, at the end of the week the players in the top 20 ranks would receive gold to spend at a special arena shop that would have unique items not offered anywhere else in-game. This would also not reward religion experience. Upon entering the arena you will be teleported from your current location and returned once the fight is over will full hp and mp.

    #5 Brewing/PvE Events.

    I was thinking, most of our events are all PvP based or along those lines. Why don't we have events for PvE or brewing?

    Here are some ideas that come to mind.

    One could be a quest line of the sort, starting with a message or post about monsters starting to overrun whole regions, with increased spawn rates in those regions of monsters, we could set a quota for that hour or day with an amount of monsters to be killed, with the reward being maybe x2 damage or something for the rest of the day or it could even be done on weekends and last the rest of the weekend.

    And this is all I can think of for now, if I have any more ideas I will post them on this topic.

    If anyone has any suggestions or comments to add, don't be afraid to post them below, this is for the benefit of us all so everyone's opinion is welcome.
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  2. 2gatz

    2gatz New Member

    some great ideas
  3. DanElectro

    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    #1 not sure on this think would be better to promote things done in game rather than 1 click wheel spin=free stuff
    #2 could be good for game, like it
    #3 group vs group tournament seems difficult to setup (also a tank can handle 2 hitters very easily even in current tourneys) but, think the "build a temp char" idea is great, would also allow people to test just how much stronger a couple art upgrades would make them if modifiers were option
    #4 sounds interesting
    #5 could be interesting too
  4. ann

    ann Member

    I like those ideas very much great thiking!
  5. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Soon we will introduce you to a new system of "Prism". There will be an opportunity to get free game items. Looks like "Lucky Spin", only need to put in a little effort in game.
  6. 2gatz

    2gatz New Member

    cant wait to test it :)
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    Takeo Suzuki

    Takeo Suzuki Member

  8. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    #5 point of a sore subject for many brewers. Game is very pvp biased, but without the brewers the pvp players do not get much of the game stores needed for pvp. It would be very nice to come up with something for the PvE/Brewing players.
    The other ideas on PvP interesting.

    HOMIEtheCLOWN New Member

    all sound good. real good actually.
  10. eleftherios

    eleftherios New Member

    Some really great ideas. hopefully some might be implemented.
  11. A ton of mmo's these days have monthly events that are themed. So for example, a Halloween themed event in October etc. And while these events do happen in DarkSwords, it's my opinion that they don't happen enough. Events that occur for a limited time with rewards only obtainable during the event may lead to more people wanting to play. I know it works for other games.
    This is partly what the pastor team (along with admin) was trying to do, but because we were players we had alot of restrictions, and by the final stage of a project we would have something entirely different to what we originally planned.
    A good example of this was the halloween wedding event. It was originally supposed to be a halloween "party" in the cemetery, where there was a mass wedding ceremony that was themed with halloween, weddings would also be discounted. The cometary area would be pvp free, and there would be mobs that would drop items that were unique to the day. This unfortunately got knocked back, as we weren't allowed to give discounts for normal weddings, and didn't have tech's approval for the unique mob drops. Instead, it became a wedding discount for the 200pt weddings, and they were held in a dark version of the normal wedding chapel.
    The event was partly successful, we got something like 5-10 weddings that weekend, but I feel like if was something along the lines of our original plan, more people would have gotten involved.
    And events that are easily accessible are what I'd like to see. Sure you can throw in a plat dump in your events, but don't make that the point of the event. Make it accessible not only to people who want to spend plat, but also people who don't know if they should or shouldn't spend plat.
  12. ann

    ann Member

    We had the clicks vote thing before didn't we? We need ways of advertising maybe put a add up on Facebook ! Think of the revenue! Also may think of new buff pots as the herbs to make genes don't really need now as Easyer just to use 15 plat and have all genes up now.
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    Takeo Suzuki

    Takeo Suzuki Member

    I think the tournament idea for creating a second character for a particular tourney would get more players active and introduce new players to what having plat gear feels like, would raise plat sales I guess. Could even go further into detail and start everyone off on same mod and level etc and make people work their way up by doing well in the tournament and unlocking new things to choose from
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    Takeo Suzuki

    Takeo Suzuki Member

    The difficulty is what should PvE events have for prizes.. most brewers are already 540 and have no need for accuracy or empathy etc, barely anyone gold grinds but double gold is always nice, maybe even special pots that give more than double ? x3 divine gen or x4 reward, etc. Need's to be something of value to brewers that is unique and no idea's come to mind for me.
  15. "GD"

    "GD" New Member

    Problem is these "new" old admins don't understand how important top200 games and stuff like this and virality and sociality means in the industry. They post walls of text instead of a single link to collect a prize and invite a friend, you know, you can see they're stuck in early-2000 ways. They're trying to improve, hey, but if this is enough the online players counter decides. I fully agree with the guy that suggested that the revenue is non-existent and so this is a hobby for our almighty Admin.
  16. skarrak

    skarrak New Member

    could always give platt prizes...some cant buy it s it a way for them to earn it
  17. Bobby

    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Glad to hear that you're so worried about the future of our project. We understand the importance of ad and ‘top-list-sites’ Be sure, we’ll take up the promotion of the site and game as soon as all the necessary information will be up-to-date. First of all we should to restore services that were available at the site, as well as we need to fix all the numerous mistakes in descriptions. By the way, that work is coming to the end.

    No doubt, all your wishes will be considered. We also want to return players back to the game like you. Do you seriously think that we start to run the European server only to practice in our ‘hobby’?)
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