Idea for thanksgiving bonus and turkey games

Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by Hobgoblin, Nov 25, 2014.

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    Hobgoblin New Member

    How about 2x boards, 2x mob damage, 2x exp, 2xrelig exp, No durability loss and 10x gold drop for the day.

    Games---turkey hunt

    Could do a wanted dead instead of chasing mobs for wanted dead do a entire day wanted dead were you hunt a turkey and it drops a special pot, (12 hr gens rewards aims)

    Or Have random turkeys pop up and darkswords and make them drop loot like caravan from the desert LOL
  2. Bobby

    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Sure, bonuses are switched on until Monday. Also all players can take part in Thanksgiving quest at the Cow Farm. Happy holiday!
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    Hobgoblin New Member

    Thank you, Have a happy holidays :)

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