Higher Religions Triumph. Low level Religions Lose. Anyone else feel the pain?

Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by alphamale, May 28, 2019.

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    alphamale New Member

    Although I understand that Dying is part of religion. I just don't understand why DS is making it harder for lower religions to have a fair chance at getting any higher. The new potions in effect now give higher religion players a advantage over the lower religion players by being able to stealth, hide and kill without any warning to lower levels trying to play and earn some religion points by getting dark souls and mortal enemies. I get killed as soon as I leave the safety of the City of the Clouds trying to do anything. My son and grandson get killed instantly also due to Mortal enemies and Dark souls mostly being in Chaos. There is no balance to Religion anymore. If we are to keep these potions religion needs to change to where you have to be around 15 to 20 religion levels of character to get religion points. Not just level of players. At this point and time I wonder if its worth even trying to keep going in religion.
  2. Link

    Link New Member

    It is challenging but you also have to play smart by using beacons, multiple mirrors, etc.
  3. perdun

    perdun New Member

    Ohh I understand you, we have the same opinion in Russian forum about religion.

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