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    this is a post i made a long time ago(approx one year) in ambers ticket system and was kinda flat turned down... and passed over..i have since bugged them many times to make/pass on my suggestions to change pvp but so far.. nothing, sorry if i go on a bit.. think i went overboard with examples)).. and the ticket name.. PVP TOO DEFENSIVE

    ever since i agreed to be dealer the main point told to me over and over is to drive plat sales, now this is my idea for it.

    i have complained about this alot.. but really think can improve the fun players have in pvp if change some things..many players on eu have said things like "pvp was more fun in older days of ds".. and i totally agree with them..
    if you had the relig skills and equips for enough damage.. .you could chain kill a whole group if you were lucky for your small chance of triple magic to kick in, or at least kill much of that group in one round, this was fun to many players.. because not only killing 1 fast, but many at a time is fun in pvp
    for warrior.. it was killing someone 100 lvs above me, because i landed a hit+sudden+sudden+crit..
    this is double + 2 suddens + 1 crit, 4 relig skills total.. and my damage was enough to kill someone a great deal stonger than me (who almost killed me in every turn, but i used layered defence pot at the 2 right moments to survive his biggest hits)

    now, what is wrong with both of these situations?
    1 auto pot will make triple and double worthless in most cases
    2 anti relig, it is VERY common for even non tanks to have 15- 30 anti relig.. or /2 anti relig ( which is a MASSIVE boost to defence for just 2 lv cost)
    3 miss/resist chances seems to of gone CRAZY since old fun days i had at 320

    now the dwarf will be almost immune to mages by /30, and immune to warriors strongest relig skill by /45, now a tank is complete.. at /45.. this will block the strongest relig skills of both mage and warrior, and autopot will block the double/ triple of both mage and warrior, so.. these 250k hp tanks, and we have a 50k hit against it, and autopot means they CANT die to less than 50% of their hp if you fight them 1v1, even if you are /73 1.0 and they only /45 craft ))
    UNTIL they run out of pots, and a average person can carry hundreds of pots.. way WAY more if they use the plat pots with 100 in 1...
    this has led to fights of 20-30+ minutes, when before 1-2 mins was fun fight for me, make heart race because can die anytime if make a mistake, now tank go make tea while their char fight in group, come back, still alive.

    so this is what i think NEEDS to be changed for pvp to be fun
    1, autopot, either remove it entirely, or lower threshold max, instead of 50%. max 25 or 30%
    2, anti relig, either remove this, or make it HALF as effective as offence relig of same levels spent
    3, miss/resist.. these are just terrible, i understand your "mage v elf v orc" triangle supposedly works on it but in truth this is a joke, some times you miss 1/10 hits when orc v mage, sometimes same when elf v orc, this system just bad, no one will think its fun to see 10 x miss in a row, or elf miss mage.. how this happen? another part of pvp that could need removing, but then the elf will need boost somewhere to make up for losing its only advantage, alternative is to make miss/ resist rate set MINIMUM, then rest decided by chth v ac ect ( this need changing too or will allways only hit minimum in some cases)
    further points for improvement
    4, now i am not sure if the % system work well at all.. because same way the miss/resist have problems so does the melee skills you can have a 0.5% skill chance, work 5 x in a row whenever it run out, also you can have a 30% skill that dont work one time in 10 minutes fight.
    maybe need a "stacked debuff" system for these aswell as hit/miss chances, which will work by applying a small increase to chance of effect of skill whenever skill not work, so that chance to use that skill on that target increase, and in the same way, if you just got hit by a skill, you would gain a slight resistance to that skill for a SHORT time thus less likely 5 x stun or dis in a row! this way % more reliable.. not just as good as flip a coin for yes or no.. but understand it could be hard to implement if system not allready like this.
    5, need more offence relig, while i think is important either way of your decision on what to do with anti relig..
    option 1, it stays in some way, = players who do NOT want defence relig, are basicly limited at /75 at max offence + damage.
    option 2, if remove anti relig, need more guilds for levels all those players will have spare.
    now this could be just 1-2 new attack types, doesnt need to be any better than current( perhaps quad hit with 4x extra hits but each only does 50% normal damage), just somewhere new to level up to gain more chance to kill opponent.
    another option to increase offence is to give the relig guilds middle schools, maybe with lower effect per level like half or quarter ( dont want someone who only put /30 in mental having too high a chance))
    6, dwarf / IMPREG.. not understand why need a wall in pvp.. if fun from kill, why both sit behind walls and scratch each other with toothpick for 30 minutes, so maybe remove impreg.. maybe its ok to keep if remove other points like autopot + anti relig.
    7, protection, way too effective.. if fight 1 player behind 1 tank your chance to hit the player behind, almost 0%.. this not fun either, need weaken all protection chances, a little.
    8, racials, elf racial=bad, drow racial=not great, human racial=usefull, orc racial=better than all other dwarf racial=only survival.. elf + orc racials should be combined for both to use, same with drow+human.. this seems easiest way to improve.. and the dwarf one stay as it is.. if there even is room for tanks in fun pvp

    now i understand some of these are unlikely to be possible in ds, but some of these certainly are, and the more points fixed the better.
    and if its a problem believing these would be better than current pvp after all my years playing ds through its many stages of change, then i ask for a trial on the test server, with as many of these changes as is possible added in, give 1 or so month trial to say.. 5 members each of top 4 clan in eu,, 5 members each of top 4 ru clans so 40 player or so (important pvp is fun for small group aswell as big so need test both), give them copy of their chars there ( all set as 1.0 modifier as standard) now after trial, ask vote which more fun pvp, on test server.. or current server, and if test vote higher, change main server to these settings.

    then, you will need to come up with a browser base client again like we had for a while for low levels to test the game because most of the games that are new on certain game sites WILL be tested by possibly many thousands of players if they find your info / pictures there attractive, but when you base it totally on a download client.. few of these will bother even looking.
    the browser version needs to at least work for the most part aswell as current ds client ( last was cramped and could not really see the ds world properly as in dl client, also very limited in actions) also needs to be very clear on the game site that the browser is JUST a way to easily test the game before downloading full client ( unless you can make browser version work just as well as current client) otherwise they may again be underwhelmed by the browser version if its not as good as the full client that they MIGHT think is worth staying and playing on, and paying)
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    This is great Bro
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    i like ur theorys dan, but i agree was good wen pro wasnt so u never got hit, havvin to stay alive skillfully was most the fun back in day :p
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