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Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by Big Papa, May 24, 2015.

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    Big Papa

    Big Papa New Member

    A few Ideas to bring some life back into Server , I have talked to roughly 50 older players . here is a list of Changes that they came up with.
    1: Get Rid of all pvp disease ,Dogs Distemper,Disorientation ,Mumps and Inadequacy .
    2: Set Religion back to only two Religions ( sun and moon) and make changing it Require a Reset again .
    3: Plat should be much easier to Obtain , (a Very well known and Loved player suggested that players should be able to grind Roughly 50 plat per hour )so people can get pvp ready faster and allow for more pvp . when pvp picks up spending will increase many pvpers do not want to grind and will spend when there are targets.
    4: Do away with Buff pots , and give out a free reset to allow people to regain buffs . with the current lvls this will Surly increase group and solo pvp . OR make self buffs more powerful then buff pots .
    5: Two Main mods , so all the Work and Decisions are not left to 1 person ,and any punishments more then lvl 1 Pen must be approved by both .
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  2. Lego

    Lego New Member

    U obviously didnt speak to me lol

    Number 1 - does not affect my pvp capabilities

    Number 2 - then all weak hide under stronger religion sign

    Number 3 - ds is here make money period. 50plats an hr ds will never allow

    Number 4 - obviously u dont know how to pvp

    Number 5 - not bothered at all

    Whilst u r noble doing this. Ds is wasting resources doing non value adding things like more music.

    Make gears free like eu. At mod 0.4 perhaps a more viable option but then again. Ds needs to make money

    Never i have seen a game needed to spent so much to achieve getting things done or get some many games outside with tiny sum can get u lots more action n less drama

    Am out off here..
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    Big Papa

    Big Papa New Member

    Sadly your only ever on the other server , never to be found in .com , I agree that adding music is a waist of time .but the rest of your opinions seem jaded ,unhelpful and intentionally insulting .
  4. Black Blood

    Black Blood New Member

    DRAMA! WOO WOO lol i like this discussion let just make sure we keep it civil and censored please :) Personally im all for whatever changes it will take to bring life back into this game!
  5. Lego

    Lego New Member

    Lol i not on both lol blind lol
    I tried.....ticket respond was they will not remove tanks

    Yes spite intended lol

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