Discussion in 'Off the Wall' started by tank n buff, Apr 14, 2014.

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    tank n buff

    tank n buff New Member

    Actually this forum is official lol I mean they both own rights to the game
  2. clovers

    clovers New Member

    didnt the .com redirect to the russian server?
    also, what happened?
  3. Rilando

    Rilando Member

  4. ann

    ann Member

    yes I agree skarrak its sad that was hard to get to 100 online but now 2 servers its going to be that little more quieter..
  5. Takeo Suzuki

    Takeo Suzuki Member

    Least rid of people we all hate
  6. Nope still here
  7. It's so disheartening to see my post count, all those years of spamming gone to waste
  8. ann

    ann Member

  9. BUNNY
  10. ann

    ann Member

    Haven't seen u on com come over
  11. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Moderator

  12. Gonna wait for all the legal stuff to happen then I'll start playing again.
  13. ann

    ann Member

    its ok just have fun that's what im doing if it close it close
  14. skarrak

    skarrak New Member

    same as me to be honest i playing on both till things settle down all we can do lets hope they resolve differences soon
  15. Druell

    Druell New Member

    the cake is a whole book of lie's perpetuated by a lieing liar from liar's town who is in fact an imaginary cake themselfs.
  16. Undead Pikachu

    Undead Pikachu New Member

  17. This thread needs to happen please bye
  18. Undead Pikachu

    Undead Pikachu New Member

    Fetch is so not going to happen

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