Fair Play.. is it really?

Discussion in 'News & Discussion' started by Boom, Apr 9, 2015.

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    Boom New Member

    Very curious as to how the fair play works.

    Medic.: A -- K -- K -- 9 -- 9 -- 9 -- . Full House/143
    Vituss britva.: A -- A -- 8 -- 8 -- K -- 6 -- . Two pairs/111
    Saorsa.: 3 -- A -- 4 -- 3 -- 2 -- 2 -- 6 -- . Two pairs/110 Clerk.: 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 6 -- 6 -- 6 -- . Kare/103
    Moeport.: 3 -- 10 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 2 -- . Straight Flush/99
    Triumphant.: 10 -- K -- 10 -- A -- Q -- Q -- J -- . Straight/37

    If you note from the main site on The hierarchy of poker combinations (descending). See link http://darkswords.com/poker2.php
    it goes Royal flush then straight flush
    I am curious as I had a straight flush that beats full houses hands down... could someone explain this...
  2. Weeyin2015

    Weeyin2015 New Member

    Yeh I got 3rd place, where the placings shoulda been 1st Moe, 2nd Clerk, 3rd Medic, then 4th Triumphant, 5th Vitus britva and me 6th!
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    Boom New Member

    From what I am gathering is that Fair play wins if you have the most chips regardless of your cards... To me that seem odd a royal flush is the highest you can get so when you have that and you go "all in" that means you would win it and have their chips... So to win Fair play you just need to get more chips
  4. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    Top ten is determined by the cards so if theres 20players the top 10 card rankings win. The top 3 is determined by the chips, you need chips to play the game afterall
    it is also easier to determin how many points you get, see all the quest go by highest point amount is 1st
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  5. Bobby

    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    That's right. All details you can also see here: http://darkswords.com/poker2.php
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    Boom New Member

    Interesting lol so I can just get one card a 2 of clubs and no matter what you have as long as you have more chips you 100% win.. that is not how you play poker but whatever...
  7. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    no.. its.. Highest cards pick top ten, highest chips pick the order of top ten
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