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    Thank you all for participating! There were a lot of correct (and incredibly incorrect) answers, the plat goes to the player who answered correctly and quickly! Whoever got it right first.

    Below are the questions and answers and the players involved. (The 15pt per answer will be given out in Seastone Bank)

    1) What Item Has A Chance To Make A Character Sink Into The Ground With Shame?

    Arwen (Woodoo Doll)

    2) Where Can I Find The Only Spectral Unique?

    Under Fire (Royal Palace)

    3) How Many More Clans Are There on RU than .Com

    Death Aura (30)

    4) How Many Collectible Egyptian Pets Do You Need To Collect For An Achievement?

    Lastwish (5)

    5) Which clan owns the Church?

    LIDAR (Serenity)

    6) How Many Different Regions Are Adjacent To Iron Caves. (Any region you can leave and enter Iron Caves without entering another region is counted as adjacent)

    Starviver (5)

    7) There Are 2 Blind Monsters In Darkswords, What Two Regions Can They Be Found In?

    Botman (Iron Caves / Enigmatic Animals Cave)
    (I realise now there were actually 3 monsters, the Blind Beggar also)

    8) If I Step Out Of The Arena, Slay A Horse, Stealth Past A Dog, Clamber Through A Rocky Mountain Pass And Emerge At The Docks, Where Am I?

    DSbabygirl (Twilight Bay)

    9) Who is the leader of Suikoden?

    Lastwish (Libra)

    10) Name 5 clans on .com that start with the letter D (Hint: Theres 18 of them!)

    Starviver (Draconian Knights / Death Knights / Dark Knights / Dark Phantoms / Dream Catchers)

    11) What Is The Name Of The Achievement For Using 20 Unexcelled Accuracies?

    Purple Majesty (Eagle Eye)

    12) What Aggro Monster Appears In 4 Separate Regions?

    Kelpie ( Border Guard Dog )

    13) If I Knock You Down, Lacerate You And Disembowel You In One Round What Is The Minimum Level I Must Be?

    Waineworld (123)

    14) In 2013 What Three Places Could You Find Dogs Bones?

    Alphamalegs (Puppet Theater / Brown Mountain / Royal Palace)

    15) Which Player Holds The Rank Of Jarl?

    Starviver (Mr Zee)

    16) Which Region Sits In Grid H17

    Saorsa (Cemetery)

    17) Who Was The First lvl 300 on the .com server?

    Lastwish (Jambo)

    18) What Journey Requires You To Close Your Eyes?

    Waineworld (Hades)

    19) In What Region Would I Be Able To Find A Black Shell?

    Kelpie (Enigmatic Animal Cave)

    20) Unscramble the following letters to reveal the name of a well known Darkswords player: YSRTOAMB

    (Nobody got SmartBoy, same question was asked with EBDYTRAED)

    moonstone (TeddyBear)

    Bonus 'Find Me' Riddle, I was in Centaur Ness's Cave and was found by Waineworld!

    New Quiz dates to be announced soon!

    Many Thanks,

    Fred (THE MAYOR!)

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