DS needs big changes or keep current pvp system?

Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by DanElectro, May 28, 2014.


DS needs big changes or keep current pvp system?

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  1. Fine as it is

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  2. Need change

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    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    Its possible we will be given some test changes, if they are wanted by the players..please vote if this is important to you
    this would involve fights being ALOT shorter than current settings allow for.. but not instant kills in most cases
    no more "got to 1hit them or cant possibly win" fights
    also it would be alot less automated, being at the keyboard and awake would be needed during pvp!
    the changes i want will also effect pvm and alot of other things if approved
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  2. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    guess be good to see whats in mind
  3. I only voted yes to change as I'm curious as to what changes will happen, but I still feel that PvP on this server is hindered by there being 1 dominant clan/ally. Until there's competition for that clan/ally, PvP will suffer. I know that's one of the main reasons why people don't want to move from EU.
  4. Rilando

    Rilando Member

    Very GOOD! am apply!
  5. Da1andpwnly

    Da1andpwnly New Member

    Hard to say where to start with these changes! I think before we get into nerfing certain religion schools and things of this nature. Alot of things could be fixed much simpler with just taking Impregnability out of game Taking buff pots and macro dispells out of game.. Soup's Amphs also need to be taken outas well as auto potting. Lightness Essence should be disallowed in pvp.. I understand that with the loss of buff pots /soups and amphs thats how brewers are forced to make there gold now. but if you were to discontinue the plat teles tranqs antidotes etc that would bring them back to be able to make gold in those ways. Im of the opinion this would be alot simpler fix's and if skills etc still need adjusted after this so be it! Buff pots take the fun/skill out of pvp Sanc goes from working on a chance to never failing theres hardly any down time in buff's with buff pots. you are forced to macro dispell when people used buff pots... Have the battle in ds pvp was always keeping up your buffs while dispelling theirs. now its just hit macro and pressing the alloted buff pot buttons...
  6. ann

    ann Member

    in eu there seems to be a lot of pvp and a lot people are going there just for.. can bring any new things in but if theres no one to pvp but one big clan..agree with sal we need more to balance it but how to balance it?
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    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    It would be a very different setup which would be easy to adjust if wasnt working during the test, as i cant see a way to balance current system.. without either the hitters or the "tanks" complaining....as it would be less based on how many pots you can carry and more based on your dps + survivability vs the other groups, lightness and impreg will become less of a issue
    Amps and soups would probly need to be given a different effect as they wouldnt fit in with new system..
    As for buff pots i would like to see them removed, aswell as plat tranqs/antis to give brewers a purpose for that..but cant think of a way yet to replace buff pots or alter them in a way that would be fair but not overpowered compared to self buffing...removing them completely would probly cripple some brewers/shopkeepers if they cant make the money back with tranqs/antis/returners alone in place of also selling buff pots... it would also mean the farming skills are useless unless something replaces buff pots as brewable...if have any ideas on this they would be welcome
    The defences should never of gotten to the point where tanks were unkillable vs any ONE other person..
    And on eu now that they are killable AGAIN, so many tanks (and others who poured half their relig lvs into anti) want to complain about that....as if any one race should be impossible to kill with the others.. there can be no balance at all while thats true,
    PVP is supposed to be fast and fun.. how can you have fun when your interaction is not even needed to survive? how can anyone have fun when need 30 minutes spare before even think of stepping out to fight..
  8. Takeo Suzuki

    Takeo Suzuki Member

    Why not just create a new race that servers as a buffer healer and can apply mass buffs to whole team.. also give them the ability to cast debuffs on enemies during pvp, need to have something to alternate classes.. and just because eu has it why should this server go down same road? current system is alright (except tanks being unkillable and elfs racial being basically useless (need to merge with orc racial imo)).
  9. agreynel

    agreynel New Member

    fast & fun - one slip and are toast - one massive and are victor/ vs horrible boring endless pot guzzling fights with no damage and only attrition wins? (with cast of thousands)
    test changes - can't hurt
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    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    will not be same, will be something quite different, new races/guilds/cults are a possibility in future too but 1st want pvp system and other things sorted that relate to pvp in some way like brewing

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