Doppelgangers. What should we do?

Discussion in 'News & Discussion' started by Administrator, Oct 18, 2019.

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    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Let's decide together what to do with the Doppelgangers. I ask you to write, and not to click on the vote.

    What I suggest from the options:
    Leave as it was. We do not change anything. Let them play with dopels.

    Raise the price to 50pt. This will help the project, but this is not the main goal. The main goal - the dopel will become less, and the buyer will run more on religion, because the "money is ticking"

    Make for 2 palladium. This will also help the project. Dopels will be only for donators VIP service. Dopels will be the least, as it seems to me.

    Make a price of 5pt and in time 2 hours, or Make for 5pt, but only in the evening, when x1.5 religion. I don’t really like this option because we limit the player’s playing time. In the subconscious, "the dopel will end and I’ll go to watch a movie", that is, instead of a possible 3-5 hours, the player plays for 2 hours.

    Disable dopel in the game forever. I am not against this initiative if you support it. I repeat, money is less important in this issue than playability.

    A similar question on the Russian-language forum.
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  2. Robin gill

    Robin gill New Member

    disable dopel forever RIP dopel
  3. kaguya

    kaguya New Member

    Disable dopel in the game forever

    i think it better deactivates to but bullshit in the game you see rectal dropl marked a 3 nameo caba's name and goes after him to infinity hahah although I'm new to the game but I've already marked a 3 name
  4. deadkorpse

    deadkorpse New Member

    Disable dopel forever

    Rather spend 600 plat on bonuses than a mask, will be much more fun in game than to have a mandatory dopel and if not then get dispelled by 20 people. Atleast if disabled we can also showoff our avatars. At the same time we also get rid of cancer that is assassin in group.
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  5. Cheese

    Cheese New Member

    Disable doppel forever.
  6. Retribution

    Retribution New Member

    Make for 2 palladium
  7. NeFRoN

    NeFRoN dave83 Moderator

    Make for 2 palladium
  8. Dragonphyre

    Dragonphyre New Member

    Doesn't affect me majorly either way as I don't PVP at all currently. I expect to get killed from time to time, part of the game and the risk of me hunting in certain areas so doesn't bother me if I don't see who makes the initial hit. That said I am coming up on a level where I expect PVP will become a part of my play. I don't see doppel as being essential to the game and it can affect playability for some so I would say remove it completely, there are many things you can buy to try to gain an advantage

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