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    Due to the numerous requests, we will repeat the Contest for Good Luck: The Dice Tournament.

    Registration of Contest participants:

    1. A public preliminary registration of Participants is held for the competition. One Player with one character is allowed to participate. Alternate characters are NOT allowed to participate. All will be checked. Also, IF you participated in the RU event you may not play in this event.

    2. To register and participate in the Tournament, you will need to report in this topic, in your personal messages to Arwen and the EN mods. The mods will pass your name on to me. You may also message me on Skype DS-Flo1 or Discord Flo / Michelle#1694. It is enough to choose one of the convenient ways.

    3. There are no entry fees, additional conditions, search for the Holy grail, or flights to the moon.

    4. Registration will be held until March 24. The tournament will be held from March 27 until the end of the first rounds. The exact date will be based on the results of registration of participants. NOTE: Due to my work schedule the 2d half / finals will be held 2 weeks later when I am off work, April 10 until finished.

    Competition Rules:

    1. The tournament itself will be held according to an elementary rule: Whoever wins the Dice from the opponent passes to next level.

    2. The elimination of the Winner of the Tournament will take place in several stages over several days.

    3. Players who have been registered and allowed to participate will be distributed in several days of participation (if it is impossible to participate on a specific day, we will try to work around it) and will be distributed in pairs. A player who does not get a pair for the game, or who reschedules the day of his participation, will play with me on one of the days of the Tournament (or until the next round).

    4. The player who wins in his pair-passes on. The player who loses in his pair is eliminated. The winner must win all these pairs and all their rounds.

    5. In the qualifying bouts, you will need to win in 3 of 5 throws. Closer to the final - more shots need to be won.

    6. About the draw. She will not be here. If the same number is drawn, and the system determines the winner, the players roll the dice until the winner is the one with the larger roll amount.

    7. The time of the event will be both in the evening and in the afternoon. We exclude the time of sieges/realms. If a couple of participants can agree on a time between themselves and me (for evaluation and attendance), their round can be held earlier/later. The number of days of the tournament will depend on the number of participants.

    8. Participants play for a bet of 100 coins. If you do not have 100 coins in the pot, bet plat, or bet more without the consent of your opponent-you get a technical defeat / elimination.

    8.1. Also, the participant will be disqualified if: he could not ensure his appearance by the set time; during his fight, he challenged someone else with dice; cannot provide material support for his throw; evades the throw in every possible way; has an unstable Internet connection; interferes with the course of the Tournament.

    8.2. I will determine who offers the throws. In the final and semi-final, the order of proposals is determined by the \roll command. To confirm the purity of the final and semi-final, at my discretion, the Audience can be allowed.

    8.3. Any of the rules may be changed by my decision with the approval of the Administration at any time if it is necessary for a comprehensive and fair conduct of the Competition.

    9. By sending your nickname for participation, you automatically accept and do not challenge all the rules of the specified Tournament.


    Since this contest requires only your participation and a minimum amount of gold, the prizes will be more modest than in other contests.

    We cannot determine which direction of the game our Winner will have (whether he will be a huckster, a pvp player, or just stand in the ark bar). Therefore, the awards are as follows:

    1st place-a subscription for 30 days to choose from (pvm or PVP) and a gift for 10% (hp or mp) for a month

    2nd place-subscription for 2 weeks (pvm or pvp) and a gift for 7% (hp or mp) for two weeks

    3rd place-a subscription for five days (pvm or pvp) and a gift for 5% (hp or mp) for 5 days.

    Now the detailed rules of the event:

    Qualifying matches:

    1. To advance, the Participant must win 3 times out of 5 shots in the qualifying round. The fight continues until 3 wins in the fight. If you win in your pair, you move on.

    2. The numerical superiority in the throw is recognized as a victory. No draw. If, for example, you have 15 and the Opponent has 15, the round is canceled, despite the system determining the winner of the roll, and I will ask the Participants to roll the dice.

    3. Please note that a technical defeat of an opponent (disqualification / absence online) is not a pass to the next round. In this case, you will play with me.

    4. Each pair is given 5 minutes. At the specified time, the Participants will be sent to hard labor. Penal servitude is a territory excluded from the general chat, and we cannot clog the chat. Upon completion, you will be deported from the territory of the Dead Desert. PAY ATTENTION: PENAL SERVITUDE IS A PLACE OF CHAOS. DO NOT GO FURTHER THAN THE STAR UNTIL THE END OF THE DEPORTATION. After my chat message with the text: "Roll", Players must start rolling the dice. The team will be ONE to start 5 Shots.

    5. These are the qualifying rounds. Once completed, the Winner of the Tournament round from each pair will be announced. The next round among the Players who have passed the qualifying rounds will be held either at the end of all qualifying games/or in the week of March 21.

    6. Appeal of the result, if there are grounds and screenshots, is possible AFTER the completion of ALL qualifying rounds.


    You will be disqualified if:

    - you do not arrive on time (you will be late; you will not be online)

    - were hidden from the list (and did not warn me) or under the Doppelganger effect.

    - refused to transfer in a numerical draw.

    - evade the throw after a message from me in the general chat with the text " GAME”.

    - After a message from me in the general chat with the text "GAME", you accepted the challenge (you challenged yourself) NOT your opponent in the Pair until the end of the round.

    -You can't quit due to the lack of gold.

    - You have activated the "Automatically refuse to play Dice" feature." :)

    If you are online, you will be sent to hard labor anyway. But if I tear myself away from an important task, it's already your fault. Free up your time to Play :)

    If the time is inconvenient for you, please contact me for clarification and possible postponement of the time of your round only after you agree on the transfer with your pair or replacement of the opponent (in the case of replacement of the opponent-approval of the opponent for a new time). All qualifying rounds are placed in the afternoon on Moscow time. In agreement with me and with the opponent in the pair. We can move change the time and date of your round to earlier ones.

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    Ted Cluberlang
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    Larimar -3, Temperance; - 2 Larimar wins
    Bender - 3, Ted Cluberlang - 0; Bender wins
    Battousai - 3, Soul - 1; Battousai wins
    Firefist - 3, Armodillo - 1; Firefist win
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    2 Round
    Bender - 3; Larimar -1; Bender wins
    Firefist -1; Battousai -0; Firefist wins

    3d Round; 1st and 2nd place
    Bender - 3; Firefist - 0 Bender wins 1st place; Firefist 2d place

    3d place
    Battsouai - 1; Larimar 3 Larimar wins 3d place

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