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    This is beta-version!
    • In the effects window, you can now set the effects that will be displayed in the main window of the game;
    • Added different colors of alchemy shops, depending on the currency for which they trade;
    • On the map, the icon of combat and religion guilds has been changed;
    • Now you can stretch the main game window horizontally;
    • The Crop button has been added to the Log Viewer window. It leaves only messages with the specified phrase in the search results. The rest of the messages are deleted;
    • Chats 18+ and Trading can be enabled in the main window;
    • You can write to chat 18+ by selecting an item in the menu on the left like any other chat (without using a special button);
    • In the main window, the message input field is now the same as in the chat window;
    • Quests from bulletin boards are now always at the top of the list of quests;
    • The "Route to tracked quest" button appeared in the quest window and the map window;
    • Fixed bugs in the guild redistribution window;
    • Removed experience bars under the location picture;

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