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Discussion in 'News & Discussion' started by Journalist, Jul 24, 2014.

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    A beta version of newest client revision is available for public testing. We strongly recommend setting it up into a separate folder and remove the folder after the update is released officially.

    • World Map window can now be resized;
    • The map is initially covered and areas require exploration to be revealed. There is a command \show_map that can be used to reveal whole map. It will be discountinued come Autumn;
    • The region that the players character is in currently will be highlighted on the map;
    • Changed the icon representing player character on the map;
    • Fixed an issue with map going haywire and showing grey boxes;
    • Removed "Players List" window. The button will instead open chat window.

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  2. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    Map thing is nice and all, but i thought it was to help without having to walk over or near them :p this is the only one i could find wrong other then clanlands not showing in map. I know its a big file thing and is bound to miss somthing lol it made my program unresponisve for a minute. Walking over it Fixes it :p[​IMG]
  3. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    Beta been up 2 hours and already flooded with complaints of lack of player list. Chatting with friend and using the player list is one of the main things that draws your players back over and over. Get it back up there. Was also pointed out not having the player list will affect what pvp is left. Also posted this on facebook.
  4. Is the map meant to look like this?
    Edit: Was referring to the icon of the sword guy, had to look twice, thought it was a jumble of icons at first but now I see it.
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  5. MrZee

    MrZee New Member

    i had over 1 mil gold in bank on 8.3 ,when i logged on the beta 8.4 that gold doesnt exist in my bank.
    not saying its a bug but i gave my pet a pot to make it young again on 8.3 today and on 8.4 its young as well and the same with new gear i put on in 8.3.
    so for some reason the gold in your bank on the 8.3 version is not showing up on the 8.4 beta version.

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