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    temperance New Member

    I would like to wish a merry christmas to darkswords ,all the staff and everyone ,enjoy the holidays and everyone be safe .
    Love Temperance
  2. Double Trouble

    Double Trouble New Member


    To everyone in game
  3. Cheese

    Cheese New Member

  4. firefist.com

    firefist.com New Member

    A Merry Christmas to all of DS. Many old friends here Glad I cam back.
  5. ezibito

    ezibito New Member

    merry chrismas and a happy new year to all ds may all ur lotto pots turn to marks of spende, and all ur kills be of top ranks
  6. Arwen

    Arwen Moderator Staff Member Moderator


    Merry Christmas to all Dark Swords Staff and Players. May you all have many blessings and prayers for a great New Year.
  7. rab91.com

    rab91.com New Member

    Merry Christmas to everyone in Darkswords :)
  8. Motzpuppe.com

    Motzpuppe.com New Member

    Merry Christmas to staff & players of DarkSwords! :)

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