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Should plat be cheaper than 2500000 per 1 plat?

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    Stewart Hunter

    Stewart Hunter New Member

    Just wondering what you guys think about cheaper plat prices, please vote your help is needed. This is all to help Darkswords come back to life and have more activity.
  2. Hobgoblin

    Hobgoblin New Member

    ;) Heres a tissue
  3. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    Put the reasons you think it should be. Use logic not emotion ;)
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  4. ann

    ann Member

    i agree.. everytime theres a new client the goalposts for plat seem to go further away for the people who make the time and energy to grind plat.. and some have jus given up. im a full plat i paid with my own money and i think if platis cheaper would do well for server.
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  5. Avengelist

    Avengelist New Member

    Plat used to be 7000 gold in the good old days, Grinding gets harder, Saving more time consuming but Plat just goes up and up and up some more.... About time it came down and gave the every day normal players a chance to afford some nice items. Would make a hell of a difference to the game.
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    Stewart Hunter

    Stewart Hunter New Member

    Here we go guys, this is my ticket on why i think we should have cheaper plat

    Hi there, I have currently made a poll on cheaper plat prices to benefit Gamers and Players of the game. My first suggestion is to lower platinum from 2,500,000 million to round about 1,600,000 - 1,700,000 million, I think this would be good for the game in many different ways. The first way that it would help the game is to bring old and new players to DarkSwords. This would be because more activity from plat players meaning more fair religion fights. This would encouraged players who don't like to grind back to DarkSwords. This would be good because these player's would purchase plat for USD and this would help the Gamers. My second suggestion would be for people to get more for their money. This would mean that players buying plat on a regular basis would get more plat for the same price. Instead of 5 Plat - 1 USD, the could get 6 or 7 Plat to their - 1 USD. The increase in plat per USD would encourge old players to upgrade and not be so intimidating to the new players, so they would spend for new gear.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  7. Lithium Lullaby

    Lithium Lullaby Member Staff Member

    Platinum is this expensive because of rate increases in gold drops. A few months ago, there were 10x gold drops, which obviously caused problems in the economy, driving the price of everything up.

    I don't agree with the prices, but the only way it will change is if the gold drops go back down.

    If players can endlessly grind plat for gear or plat items, there's no need for anyone to buy plat. Do you think that would be in the company's best interest? They've got to look out for themselves, and this is how they're doing it.
  8. ann

    ann Member

    but its not 10 x drop anymore. it was a summer thing.but the plat price didn't drop. things go cheaper means more people will play server and are more willing to buy plat.
  9. akad

    akad New Member

    round and round..

    Those of you that had the chance to grind when it was x10 now want to use the gold gotten at that time to get MUCHO plat?

    Wanny, how much did you grind then?
    You want to use the Billions you made during that time to buy plat.
    Shame on you, Like we aint all thought of that idea and admin too ? ;)

    I suggest, game takes away all the gold earned that wasnt spent during the x10 , Then lower the prices to accommodate the new gold drops.
    Stop being greedy and using "brings old players back", "invest more and buy new gear", blah blah blah.

    Heres a thought, instead of grinding, go out, get a paying job THEN BUY PLAT like the rest of us ( except Wanny, you already have plat gear) :p
  10. ezibito

    ezibito New Member

    there will always be those who do not want to grinde and buy their pt for money the more pt they sell in game the more they will buy it. in my view win win for admin and game. cuase the cheeper pt in game is the stroger players become and the more theu will play too high a price discourges players from playing
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    Stewart Hunter

    Stewart Hunter New Member

    Darkswords is meant be a free online game for all ages, so how are 15-16 year olds going to manage to pay £1000+ worth of plat? also some people might play the game because they dont have extra cash to splash out on a game
  12. akad

    akad New Member

    Now here's a scenario!!

    Plat prices drop to an all time low, or affordable one, in your opinion.
    You go out grind the plat gear.
    Get the quints..
    Maybe a pet, or a shop.
    Then what?
    More shops?
    Then what?
    you'll want 1.0 mods. SO plat has to come down so you can afford the upgrade
    see where this is going?
    Stop saying it will bring back more players, etc.
    It might, it might not, but whats vital here is that we dont really all care if they come back or not.
    Im happy that im the only 1.0 in my range atm. kinda stupid to wish that they all 1.0..LOL

    You want a more exciting game, Reducing the plat prices is not the way to go. AND thats the only way to bring back more players, make the game more interesting again.
    If i knew i could grind 1.0 plat gear in a day, id do it on that day, and still leave game cause its all boring again.
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    Stewart Hunter

    Stewart Hunter New Member

    i am not talking about grinding 1.0 plat gear in a day, im talking in a month you can grind 0.4 plat gear with 3-4 hours a day solid grinding
  14. Lithium Lullaby

    Lithium Lullaby Member Staff Member

    The bottom line is, hyperinflation took place here, and the only way to change that is to reduce the gold drops (on a regular day I was on an alt and was making 5k for hitting mobs in Grandad's Battlefield). That, or Administration changing the gold to plat ratio in stores... which I do not foresee with so many people sitting on billions of gold waiting to buy low priced plat.
  15. DanElectro

    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    a month for a full set of art gear would be way too much too fast..there still needs to be an attraction to buying plat for real money, if there is to be a change all currencies involved need to be thought of including time spent, because if you make it too easy.. paying players lose their reason to buy as much as they do, if any at all because they will lose value on their dollar to gold rate..this could drop the amount of plat in game by alot, when people are allready complaining theres not enough plat to go around for the grinders...
    you seem to be relying on admin to be restocking the exchange with plat every 5 mins..because im sure once you have some gold stocked up, from the drop rates that are ALOT better than "when plat was 7k" you will be another person complaining that oh look.. no plat in exchange allready..
    if anything this tells me the gold price on plat is too low, but im sure no one wants to hear that.. apart from maybe those players that are actually putting plat into the game for you.
    as for the more plat per dollar comment, theres often a bonus on vplat which effectivly makes it 6 plat per usd, which has actually been quite underused by players so far.. i think the game could stand for this to be a permanent bonus, but this is up to the admins.. and also wether they think the players desire it
  16. akad

    akad New Member

    Thx DanE, you hit the nail on the head.
  17. deadkorpse

    deadkorpse New Member

    As far as i think plat prices are decent but game needs more change.So for the sake of people who think prices are too high.Guys u are the brewers set the items prices higher as the plat rate increases.No1 has stopped u from increasing the price of items.
    But 1 instability is still there the fishing is not yielding enough gold.<<this is because the monster drop got increased but the prices of fish remains constant.So if u are going to spend 20pt on fishing rod and u have 25 lvl fish i think it should yield u same amount of money back or atleast increase the drop rate from them.

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