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Should there be an option to get gold or xp on bulliten quests

  1. yeah

  2. nah

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    alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    At lvl 360 the bulliten quests only give you gold quests, there are no xp quests at this lvl because you are at the max lvl, but.. what about your pets?
    There are some players who still wish to lvl their pets and like most people look to the bullitens to help lvl, however because they are lvl 360 they cannot get xp quests.
    please bring xp bullitens back to those who are 360. maybe by adding an option to get both gold and xp or just one or the other, and maybe if you do bring in options, allow all lvls to choose to have the opportunity.
    (I know it will mostlikly be a hard thing to implement)
  2. I think the ability to chose which board quest you want would be a good thing. Maybe have two separate boards, one for gold and one for exp?
  3. Bhindor

    Bhindor New Member

    having a seprate board sounds like a good idea, keeps everyone happy :)

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