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Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by Tyrion Lannister, Feb 17, 2021.

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    At first I would like to greet you readers. This topic is mainly supposed to come with some ideas and things that could be improved in game.

    Lately there is no use for zodiac gates. The levels are too low and the drops are currently so useless. So I came with an idea:
    Ad a) You can only enter zodiac gates with religion on (65+ allowed only so alts cant be abused). Also no star in that area. If you die you are out via Ad d)
    Ad b) Unique spawn. If anyone awakes any boss make it WORLD message.
    Ad c) Change the drops of bosses. Scrolls with Unique potions that are hard to get. Or perhaps on hardest one - Aries 1 pd scroll with 50% chance drop for instance - You will awake mining and I guess it could grow in interesting PvP area if drops are worth the risk
    Ad d) Teleportation cooldown - Make there a cooldown to use tele to zodiac gates. 3 hrs for example.
    Ad e) Zodiac gates should be place where MASS magic mirror wont work. Not even with PvP subs.
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