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    What are done:

    - Start city: Seastone
    - Maximum level: 360
    - The level of players = Current level * 0.66667
    - Guilds will be reset. Number of free lessons = current number of lessons learned * 0.666667
    - Changed the level of all the monsters in the game
    - Changed the price of the entire loot sold to landfill
    - Added new loot
    - Changed the formula of requiring experience and gold to level-up
    - Removed old huge bonuses in Gold and gold by killing mobs. The system includes new quests, which will be not release for now.
    - Some regions are closed to access
    - Added new road (5)
    - Some areas are closed due to min level. You can open them with a help of command “\newbie”
    - In the cities (except Seastone) will be altars religions
    - Lessons can be learned in the cities’ guilds
    - Outputs from the City in the Clouds will lead to regions of the Moon Empire and Mirror Kingdom
    - General store. Shop for weapons and armors
    - Items that were sold in the store will be not appear on the shelves. Dump will be always “empty”
    - New window card has some special features as: changing the size, closed map by default (can be opened) and the autopass panel
    - On the map you can see the players who are with you in the same region
    - Chaos comparison is now the same as religion. Religion comparison is the same as it was before (slight compression level)
    - New schedule of tournaments (test mode):
    - Reviewed by almost all the recipes. Likely slightly change of the rune’s system
    - Reduced the number of runes. Removed Rune 1,2,3. There are no more runes of cold, fire, lightning. Instead of then will be a common set of runes
    - Currency "Virtual Platinum" is entered, which can be used for paying any service in the shop at the site (maybe later the list will expand)
    - All personal artifacts will be 0 level without parameters. Their value is credited as Virtual platinum. Platinum + 10 to upgrade each art
    - The cost of items 360 = 540 item cost in the old system (a little cheaper). Likewise with the other levels
    - Zodiac, as well as 300+ personal arts can be looted/bought every 5 levels: 300-305-310 ...- 355-360
    - Momentraly Arts will be removed from the players. Will be refunded the cost of the scroll and pt. ethalon+shard with the current modifier. You can prepare new mom arts for your current level.
    - Not all Crafts will not be changed at the time of release due to their large number, and impossibility to calculate automatically. We will recalculate and change them manually after release
    - Items from general store will not change
    - General Chat works at the whole kingdom where the player is
    - Religious Chat is disabled
    - Players list window will be removed in client. When you click on the players' list opens a chat window
    - Chat can be minimized, leaving a list of players and it’ll work with the main game window
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    What will be changed after release:

    - Quests will be remade, and then new ones will add. The main focus - the quests from Seastone to Rubin (0-200 levels)
    - Daily Events will be reviewed.
    - Craft will be converted to new levels manually
    - Newbie Start with Tutorial will be revised. Now it’s off
    - The system of tips will be added to the guild window
    - Pets and their bonuses will be changed. All details later
    - Tutorial will be changed due to new quest system. Also we’ll add the ability to abandon it.

    Advantages of the update:
    - Variety of new builds
    - Reducing the number of "not killed" characters
    - A more balanced game
    - Ordered world
    - Easier to understand the world without major simplifications
    - This change will be the great basis for future updates

    Disadvantages of the update:
    - Inability to enter in parts. A shock for players
    - Probably a number of bugs, restarts and rollbacks in very beginning
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    Described below in detail all that has been changed and what remains will be updated after release.

    Lowering the maximum level in the game
    We have decided to reduce the 1/3 of maximum level in the game, i.e. the maximum level now is 360. This will primarily increase the variability of builds. The player will not be able to get all the relevant guilds. On the contrary, now you will have to choose what guilds you want to get. This is called RPG. Mages no longer be super-damage characters, and tanks will stop to withstand dozens of opponents. Secondly it would also weaken artifacts. Yes, all characters with arts will also be the strongest in the game, but they can be killed. We understand that you have invested money in your strength and that power will not disappear.

    The study of guilds (Advisor)
    No longer have to run around looking for the guild. It will be enough to find the building, "Guild" or "Religious Guild" and learn the appropriate lesson. Here is a working (not finished yet) example of a new window:
    To facilitate the learning, we will offer the player a "standard build" in the form of advice in the window.

    Changing the world map
    When DS was in its infancy, we do not imagine how to make the game world and how it will be in future. Then we chose a circular system of the world, when starting from the cities of the circle increases the level of monsters. Now we see that for our game the most optimal growth of the player will be a linear. We will change the levels of the monsters that the player was rocking along the following route:

    Seastone (start city) -> Arkijah (Level 100) -> Ruby Fort (about 180) -> City of Eternal Spring (225) -> Black City (250-285) -> then through Bone Gate - > City in Clouds as a town for the high-level characters.

    In this case, all regions, west of the Bone Gate including all islands, and the Mirror Kingdom will be the high-zone(300 +), with acc. levels of mobs. This would streamline the growth of the character. To a novice wandered not wrong, some regions will require a minimum level to enter into them. This restriction is removed: command “\newbie”.

    Variety of stores decreased. Will remain "Dump", "Alchemy", "Scrolls", "General Store" and "Platinum Store" In general stores you can found all the dress up items. For convenience we will add a search filters in client:
    In general store appears "My sales", it means goods that you have sold in the store. You can buy them back for the same money that was sold without loss. It is a protection in case of accidental. You can also click "Sell All" and then take them back. List is cleared when you will exit the store location (closing the window does not clear the list).

    Character advancement: Experience
    Right now there are some shameful blunders in the system where you need to kill like 1-3 mobs to get a level until you’re 500 and then you suddenly need to defeat many thousands of them. That’s leads to higher concentration of high level characters who barely touched 1% of what game has to offer. We tried to flatted the curve a bit.

    Tutorials (almost unchanged):

    Seastone (starting levels):
    Alchemy Laboratory (available only HP/MP potions, scrolls of Grindstones/Catalysts)
    Ascent/descent (between floors)

    Arkajah (about 100 level):
    Religion (the first appearance of cults), explains all the + and - of religion

    Ruby Fort (200):
    Bulletin Boards (first appearance here) and the decrease of quest number in the regions

    City in Clouds (300+):
    Chaos (Bone Gates and etc. as religion-zone)
    Full Alchemy
    Inability to abandon teacher
    Quests + group (now the quests you can do in a group)
    Clans and Alliances

    Until level 300 expect to kill 100-150 monsters to gain on level. Yes, it’s a lot. We will try to communicate the thought that quests (which reward 10 times as much XP/Gold) are the way to grind it up, or, if one dislikes quests – playing in a party. There will be substantial bonuses for playing as a group and simply hunting monsters in a reasonable sized group will be about equal to doing quests on your own.

    Due with to the changing of the world map and mobs’ level, we have changed many recipes, which were composed of mobs’ trash. We have tried to bring all the recipes to a common denominator and order them. Ingredients in the recipes are not repeated and dropped about in current level regions.

    Chat and a list of players.
    Well to begin, the general chat will now work over whole kingdom where the speaker is. This is on the one hand will make it difficult to capture when some player accidentally says something in general chat. On the other, makes communication more comfortable. We also abandon religious chat. It is non-loaded, inconvenient to use, and only complicates the understanding of the game chat.

    Also, as you have already known from client Beta-version, we have abandoned the window of players’ list. Now this button opens a large chat, which can be minimized. We also make a list of players as the one of main screens of the game.
    Little fix: the search bar is always visible now, and can be cleared by typing ‘Esc’ button.

    Map will be closed by default, but you can enable discovering in the options window when entering login/password. We do not advise beginners to do it.
    Also the region in which you are staying is highlighted for novice to understand the size of that territory.
    Now the walking control panel will appears when you navigate a route. This could relieve the interface and make its management more understandable.
    And finally, the map window can now be freely resized, and will never be opened as a "gray square."
    You can see all players in same region as you are. It will display will all information about a character. Because we have so many ways to escape without losing things and also avoid the fight. But a little to find the enemy and enter in a battle.

    Magical Cloud Sphere: Does not show on the map. Can be seen at the list of players. At the meeting in sight.
    Hide from the list: Does not show on the map. Can’t be seen at the list of players. At the meeting in sight.
    Doppelganger: On the map shown as "Doppelganger". Can’t be seen at the list of players. Can’t be identified at the meeting.

    P.S.: To create the Magical Cloud Sphere opacities will not require platinum items after upgrading.
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    Can we get free resets for a while until we figure the guild things out?
  5. We'll be discussing and reviewing all the changes we find, over at : Site Deleted
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