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  1. Everything was done right. Do not touch

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  2. Return the grenades (as new items). I do not want to check insurance

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  3. Let insurance not spent offline and in peaceful zones

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  4. Return the Mortal Enemy as it was, cut back gold from mobs

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  5. Return the Mortal Enemy as it was, do not touch gold from the mobs

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    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    A lot of controversy over the big update. Lots of resentment or joy. I would like to sum up the results and hear the opinion of the players after several days. The result of the survey will affect the further development of the project and the priority of development. You can choose several answers!
  2. Dexterious

    Dexterious New Member

    I just want to open up my suggestion, although this is all minor suggestion I am glad if one of these will be implemented,
    1. Inventory for each character must have a "search" for their own inventory.
    2. The combat sounds, like if I am mage and using lighting it should be sound like lightning or if flame it should be like that, same also with others backstab should sound like a surprising attack it should be in all skills.
    3. The item description I just found out that most of items don't have description on it like "divine encouragement" i need to open browser and search for the item descriptions.
    4. The quest board for some reason if I am level 300 i need to go in the bone gate take quest and go to some far places. May I suggest that the quest board should be in every town and in every quest it should be near in the town or in the same region with the town.
    5. The PK system honestly I am so annoyed when someone repeatedly PK me, being robbed is fine in the game but being PK is too hassle, however I have suggestion to reduce the stress about PK for some new player and have maintaining farming gold. First is that after you get PK you have 30 minutes or 1 hour status that you will not be PK for a period of time, Second is the function button that you can "Turn on/off" if you want PK or Peace. Third remove the annoying disease that can get from PK or reduce the cost of "Divine Antiseptic" just imagine if the player don't have enough Gold and he need to farm for 2mil with the dazed status its so troublesome.

    These are my suggestions for this game but over all I really enjoy to play this game especially with this religion inactive update. Keep up the good work ma'am/sir's! still looking forward for some big new update ;) (tho, still hoping new class/race/skills/pets like EU/bigger maps update)

    Thanks alot! God bless for everyone <3
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  3. New Member

    The new update for gold from mobs is good.
    Put grenades and insurance back to how it was.
    For mortals I would give gold again, maybe not as much but if religion is active you get more gold (more risk=more reward)
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  4. NOEND

    NOEND New Member

    also there is no point from having the disease after you get killed
    so my suggestion is to be like tranq if the attacker run from the fight you get cured from all diseases and if the attacker killed you there is no point from have the disease after you die
    but Divine Antiseptic can be used during the fight
  5. Midoriya

    Midoriya New Member

    I have a suggestion so that "New players" can actually explore the game. New players tend to get religion which is common for people are new to the game. However, I notice that old players which are below /65 PK this new players just to get the advantage. I would like to suggest that "Newly Created account" can only be attacked in Chaos zones until they are Level 200. I also would like to suggest for to add "TIPS" on how PVP works. Like how the game implemented tips for quest.

    Just my humble opinion ;)
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  6. Arwen

    Arwen Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I agree with Midoriya, we do not want to chase away the new players. There needs to be some type of cool down time period for them to learn the game and not die as soon as they try religion. PVP tips would be a good idea to come up for players with religion level below mob level religion.
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    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    We are added more than 40 new tips on level up until 300 level and planing to add more. We also give some potions to test : guild and religion reset, antiseptics, race ability, tranks and antidots, etc. Try create new character and rise 150-200 levels for see.
  8. Midoriya

    Midoriya New Member

    i still would like to see them not get killed by this old players right away when getting religion. it just sucks. i saw at least 2-3 players begging not to kill to them. so maybe limiting the new accounts to not be attacked other than chaos zone will be good for them.
  9. Dexterious

    Dexterious New Member

    I would also like to add some of my thoughts and conclusion.
    I just realized that when you reach lvl 300 (after 300 exp is super hard) so I gonna build my +25 set in this level. My point is when you reach lvl 300 you only have few things to do and most likely I would like to PVP ofcourse but then there's a lot of veteran players around that you cant beat "IF" you didn't pay for plat to buy potions etc etc. Thus, you will just wait for some events also some Veteran players have advantage coz also they have a lot of potions buffs etc etc. Or you can just Hunt gain gold gain gold but not all the players enjoy only farming.

    SO, may I also suggest an event where ALL players is "Balance" like the stats is balance the equipment is also balance and also the potions is balance. Or you can also add the Preparation for Battle for 10mins you can select your class/weapon/stats/potions. In this new event more players will be encourage to go to lvl 300 and experience this kind of event which allows them to you different race/guilds.

    I also notice that grinding for equipment is so random like I am having trouble getting lvl 320 1.0 equipments, I would also like to suggest that the higher boss or harder enemy can drop 1.0 with 100% or +25 random items so after we reach lvl 300 we will just hunt for those not just Pay for the game to get some advantage.

    I have alots of idea xD maybe if the game gets even better I will decide to transfer to this server again. :D

  10. Midoriya

    Midoriya New Member

    that's a tough one buddy. coz all veteran players have work hard ( PAY HARD ) to get where they are. You can grind to get to your PVP ready level but of course it will take time. However, if you wish to do pvp and beat old players as soon as possible, the easiest way is buying Plat. I started this game since Feb, 2019 and i really hate grinding, so what i did is buy Platinum and now i can beat older players with my account :) . But of course all suggestions and feedback are welcome :) Thank you for giving your thought on this

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  11. Dexterious

    Dexterious New Member

    no no no sorry, I didn't want to offend any veterans here xD I agree paying through game gives a huge advantage and I am not against it I also like that :D but what I mean here is that giving a thrill to other players and to experience how GOOD darksword is when you have full items that is why I want to have an FAIR EQUIPMENT event like that. :) but thank you for sharing your thought! I saw you before and you have an amazing Detroit dialoge :D btw, I am the owner of "AllMight" :D

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