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    - What happened with game world?
    Strange portals have opened, from which the demons of Dagfar came to our world. After the invasion of the hordes of Dagfar warriors, we had to retreat. The ancient Druids were able to open their own portal called the Thunder Gate and the inhabitants of the world rushed there. Not everyone managed to escape, but we, the survivors, went to another world, so similar to ours.

    - What changed?
    Three starting kingdoms disappeared, instead of them one new one appeared, which unites all three previous ones in spirit and partially by mobs.
    To the east (to the right) of the Golden Kingdom is the Village of the Living Dead and beyond the Copper Rocks and Millenia without changes, as well as the Black Kingdom, in which the Cursed Castle disappeared, and the Vineyards were replaced by the Garden of Roses.
    To the west is the Moon Empire and the Mirror Realm.
    In the south, the new kingdom of the Mythical World, where several new regions appeared, the city of Antiсa and the Kingdom of Hades, Atlantis, the Altar of Ares moved there, and the Centaurs found a new place for themselves instead of the island
    There is nothing in the north yet, but it will appear soon.

    - It's forever? Why is this all?
    If there is a lot of indignation from the players, we, of course, will return everything as it was, but we would really like this update to remain in the game, and here are the main reasons:
    1) New players, getting into the Seastone, do not see other players for a long time and actually play the offline game, which is very bad.
    2) The new starting kingdom is more thought out for the development of players
    3) We are compressing the world of three underutilized kingdoms into one. Here, most of the locations are small, which means it's easier to find each other, a beginner sees more variety around
    4) The entrance to the Travelers Well is closed by level, which means that the beginner does not see a bunch of obscure shops, boards, etc. ahead of time, and it is easier for him to concentrate on understanding the game. The Temple of All Gods is also closed in level and the player does not see religion before the minimum level
    5) The old world of the DS was very large, but the main movement was still concentrated in the Arkijah and in the chaos zones. Now there are fewer locations between the western and eastern zones, the world is more structured.

    - I have a closed world map
    This should not have happened, but if it did, first make sure that you have client version If the client version is correct, you need to go to the game folder and delete the newmap.txt file and enter the game twice. If this is a Steam client or something is not working out for you, you will have to wait for the next version of the client. It will be out in a couple of days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    - What about the teleports?
    Teleports to Seastone, Arkijah became teleporters to New Arkijah
    Teleports to the Isle of Centaurs and Ruby Fort became teleports to Antica
    The rest of the teleports, except for teleports to the islands, are working. With the opening of the islands, they will also work

    - What about the islands and ships?
    The Centaur Island ceased to exist. The centaurs "moved" to the World of Myths in a separate region. In the very near future, the navigation of ships will be restored

    - Ship for fishermen
    Fishermen are invited to a boat on the Lake of Sorrows

    - Recipes?
    We have already started changing recipes. We will try to change them as quickly as possible.

    - Achievements?
    The old achievements related to the regions will be removed and new ones will be added, but this will be after the recipes, the launch of the islands and the addition of the basic set of quests

    - Some quests cannot be completed
    First, we change recipes and open islands and ships. Then we review all the quests that were and transfer them to the new world. After that, we are engaged in achievements. The plan is as follows.

    - I have a bunch of loot left that is not used now. What to do?
    Only sell to the state. the shops. We warned in advance about the change of recipes. If they haven't changed yet, cook what you need urgently.

    - I had a store. Where did he go?
    You need to transfer your store. This service is free. Please contact your dealers. Pay attention to the features of the starting kingdom:
    Private shops cannot be set up in peaceful regions around New Arkijah (Iron Caves, Temple of All Gods, Arkijah Garden, Travelers Well), but in the city itself they can be placed in 9 locations called the Market in the southern part of the city. The rules are usual - no more than 3 shops per location. You can occupy cells on a first come, first served basis - in the order of messages from dealers to administration. For details, ask the dealers in the game.

    - How will the sieges of the kingdoms take place?
    Monday - Mirror Realm
    Tuesday - Millenia
    Wednesday - Black Realm
    Thursday - Moon Empire
    Friday - Mythical World
    Saturday - Golden Kingdom
    Sunday is a day off. will be busy when the kingdom north of the starting kingdom opens

    - Do Ancient China and the Zodiac work?
    You can still get to Ancient China from the Abyss without any problems. The zodiac also works, but until the quests are changed, the teleport cannot be received there. If you have one, you can visit the Zodiac.

    - I can't find the descent into Tartarus
    Look for the descent in the Antica Town.

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