Beacon of Death

Discussion in 'News & Discussion' started by Journalist, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Journalist Administrator

    On August, 12th Beacon of Death effects are being removed from the game. It will no longer be possible to use the relevant items or return to locations where these beacons were previously set up. Set Beacon and Return to Beacon will continue operating normally. It will no longer be possible to purchase Beacon of Death in a shop. Beacons of Death in players' possessions can be sold back to stores at their original price of purchase.

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  2. Elvensin

    Elvensin New Member

    so, you make a change to make people have to carry teles to CIC at all times...Beacon of death wasnt the problem, Set Beacon/Return Beacon and being able to pick items from ground when KD is issue along with being able to tele when KD
  3. You can set born in CiC now.
    But yeah, the problem that tripin had is still there, can just set beacon/return as Elvensin said. In fact I'm pretty sure that that was what was abused, beacon of death is much more expensive than setting a beacon and teleporting to it.
  4. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    This be need many money. Max durability grenade is 40.
  5. Elvensin

    Elvensin New Member

    thats exactly what was used, i know how its done sal, beacon of death = 1pt, set beacon 3 pt, return beacon 1pt per tele that uses
  6. Elvensin

    Elvensin New Member

    You can set born in CiC now. < not what i meant, people were using beacon of death so that didnt have to change born from islands like cents, Hades/ NC so they could be on mainland for pvp/clan war. now making people spend plat to buy CiC teles to do same thing, beacon of death was cheaper in my opinion and does a better job
  7. Flo

    Flo Moderator Moderator

    Agree, beacon of death was used a great deal in pvp, it allowed us to be born in the islands and yet pvp freely on mainland and not have to catch the boat back or tele to cic to get back to group for pvp.

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