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    We are happy to present an update - the biggest in last 3 years of Dark Swords – to the content. All recent changes such as Cloud City update, new quest system and so on have actually been done as preparation for the upcoming systems overhaul. We would certainly love to do it all at once, but the plentiful Dark Swords mechanics and features are all connected in a living breathing game system and whenever you do something about one part of it, the rest may very well break. Rest assured this won’t be the end all be all update but it will help us start on a path of frequent and massive changes. Lots of work have been done to get this all ready, and the users as well may want to prepare for this update (see below) and try and understand the underlying reasoning.

    Before getting mad at us and starting to vent, please read all of this post to see the complete picture.

    This is a mission-critical update. It will affect every of you playing. It will certainly affect our bottom line. This is why we want to announce it beforehand so everyone can prepare. We sincerely hope you’ll refrain from deciding hastily and weigh all pros and cons before assuming anything.

    1. Max character level will be lowered

    We would like to reduce the max attainable level by 1/3 to 360. This will bring back having options for builds without being able to use almost every ability on a single character. This is what Role-Playing in RPG stands for, isn’t it? Mage damage dealer will stop one-shotting left and right, the tanks cease being semi-invincible against 10 opponents. Secondly, it will bring down the power granted by artifacts. They will still provide substantial advantages without being so grossly overpowered. We realize people paid for this stuff so they are entitled to having a bit more power, but, it doesn’t seem fair for whole raids of people having no chance against a single artifact-clad demigod. This is at the moment one of main reasons people went to playing ‘the mid-level range’.

    2. No one is being deprived

    We don’t intend for anyone to lose any funds that went in artifacts, so their prices will be adjusted for 360 artifacts to cost the same as old-540 ones did. The character levels will be condensed in a way that will allow 540 character to become 360. We have also changed the formulae for required experience and gold per level.

    3. World changes

    Maximum level being lowered means we need to adjust all and every monster in the game to fit into the system. While doing that we decided to also correct some mistakes of the old vision – where Dark Swords areas and monster levels went in concentric fashion. The studies are showing that more linear model of character progression would actually help and reduce unnecessary confusion for new players.

    We envision the following character progression: Seastone (starting town) --> Akrijah (~100 lvl)--> Ruby Fort (~150) --> Everspring Town (~200)--> Black Town (~240) -->Bone Gate --> Moon Empire, Mirror Realm and all Islands (385+)

    This will hopefully streamline the progression greatly. We also plan to limit entrance to high level areas by character level to protect newbies from the dangers lurking out there.

    4. Character advancement and tutorial

    The game, its world and systems are rather complex and bloated in times so we plan to teach the new users in a step-by-step manner until he or she naturally gets to the Cloud City where the hand-holding subsides. It will look like this:

    NEWBIE TUTORIAL (mostly same as before)
    Walking around
    Using the map
    Quest system
    Guilds and skills
    Inn and storage

    SEASTONE (first several levels)
    Lab and alchemy system (just the health/mana potions, catalysts, grindstones)
    Moving upward and downward
    Parties and hunting in a group
    The junkyard
    Locked areas and keys
    What happens when you die? (corpse retrieval)

    ARKIJAH (around level 100)
    Religion system with its pros and cons

    Bulletin boards and bounties since there are less quests around

    CLOUD CITY (300+)
    Chaos zones and free pvp (Bone Gates and Flame River still remain religion-pvp only)
    Full-fledged alchemy access
    Players won’t be able to disown their Mentors at this point
    Tournament system
    Tough quests intended for parties
    Clans and alliances

    All of the above will be presented in information windows and as automatically given quests when entering select regions.

    5. Character advancement: Experience

    Right now there are some shameful blunders in the system where you need to kill like 1-3 mobs to get a level until you’re 500 and then you suddenly need to defeat many thousands of them. That’s leads to higher concentration of high level characters who barely touched 1% of what game has to offer. We tried to flatted the curve a bit.

    Until level 300 expect to kill 100-150 monsters to gain on level. Yes, it’s a lot. We will try to communicate the thought that quests (which reward 10 times as much XP/Gold) are the way to grind it up, or, if one dislikes quests – playing in a party. There will be substantial bonuses for playing as a group and simply hunting monsters in a reasonable sized group will be about equal to doing quests on your own.

    The quests will show our players the world and playing in a group will hopefully help making the game more social.

    After level 300 there will no longer be limit to questing in a party and the game will actually push the player to seek companionship and do quests as a member of a bigger social structure (a clan).

    6. Alchemy

    The alchemy system isn’t something to spook people on the lower levels. While at “Seastone” stage the player will still be able to get their mana and health potions, catalysts and grindstones, around coming to Arkijah – enchant equipment, and only by the time the player hits Cloud City the whole system access will be granted. All the existing recipes will be overhauled in connection with monsters being adjusted and to remove unnecessary complexity (the Runes will probably be either gone, or required for make very few things). We also plan to implement a Book of Alchemy where players will be able to store known recipes, but it will come a bit later.

    7. Equipment, items and shops

    The human-like monsters will carry more gold to reflect the compression of their levels. On average it should be around what you would sell whatever body part or other ingredient their animal counterparts drop. Equipment when sold to shops will cost substantially less to not affect drop balance. The shops will have full assortment of weaponry and armor for all levels but 300 and up. This will help players equip themselves if having terrible luck with drops. Whatever is sold to an NPC-controlled shop will be gone forever. We are playing some more changes for NPC shops but they won’t come before this update.

    8. Transition process

    Only 300+ standard equipment will undergo changes (read, Zodiac and up).
    Private Craft items – will be changed as requested.
    Instant Artifacts (those that break down) – will be adjusted as changes go live.
    Personal Artifacts – become level 0, power 0.4 and the difference between their old and new price will be deposited to a virtual platinum account. This platinum on this account allows to upgrade the back up however you see fit.
    Recipes – will be disabled and gradually brought back.
    Junk – prices adjusted (mostly lowered). We suggest to get rid of it before the release date comes.

    What else to expect?

    Some of the highest features going by priority that are not parts of the overhaul discussed above:

    · Changes to the world map
    · Changes to shops (merging usable equipment and weapon shops into one, buy-back option etc)
    · Recipe Book (contains known recipes, no recipe items are necessary to create items)
    · New achievements (including Profession achievements)
    · Adding more quests and changing the older ones to no longer require any NPC to take or turn the quests in

    Condensed the changes are as follows

    · Player: max level of 360
    · Player: current experience 0 (go and get that level up now)
    · Adjusted experience and gold from monsters (reduced some experience bonuses)
    · Player: adjusted gold required to level up in a guild
    · Added party experience bonus
    · Character guild reset counter has been set to 0
    · Monsters: Changed monster levels across the board
    · Monsters: while base experience reward remains the same some aura-affected powerful monsters will have their experience rewards reduced
    · Monsters: gold rewards went up 1.5 X (360 monsters will drop around what 540 drops now). Gold rewards from powerful monsters went down a bit
    · Monsters: changed a few pictures and adjusted drops
    · Monsters: equipment and weapons will drop a bit less but will not affect the total reward calculations
    · Map: added new roads
    · Map: some regions are inaccessible
    · Map: some regions are locked by character level
    · Map: Cloud City region exits will connect it to areas in the Moon Empire
    · Items: adjusted prices for monster drops
    · Items: item durability for all items regardless of level went up 1.5 X and is now equal to that of old 540 level equipment
    · Items: Zodiac equipment pieces will now go in 5 level increments
    · Items: the rest of items beyond level 300 will also go in 5 level increments
    · Items: all personal artifacts become level 0 and 0.4 power. The total spent has been deposited to their respectable owners’ virtual platinum accounts.
    · Recipes: all recipes were overhauled (will not be available for several days after launch and then gradually brought back)
    · Quests: added quests for Enigmatic and Rainbow kingdoms
    · Quests: all of the quests on old quest system are disabled and will be gradually brought back after modifications for new system

    What do I do so I don’t put a foot in my mouth?!?

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  2. Elvensin

    Elvensin New Member

    is there an anticipated release date for this massive update?
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    Administrator Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    End of August
  4. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    We don’t intend for anyone to lose any funds that went in artifacts, so their prices will be adjusted for 360 artifacts to cost the same as old-540 ones did. The character levels will be condensed in a way that will allow 540 character to become 360. We have also changed the formulae for required experience and gold per level. <there is a massive argument about this (i dont see how people are losing what they payed if it went from 540-360 u could just reimburse the money and leave it as is, or tell us in full the reason why it will be same price as 540) like why tey should pay double the amount they would if they payed for 360 now.
  5. Da1andpwnly

    Da1andpwnly New Member

    This seems to me that you guys are admitting we should have never been able to go to 540 range but since we were there we should still pay the 540 prices why should a 360 set cost as much as a 540 set does now? and dont tell me because this is max level now... These change's that are coming were supposed to be about saving the game not running what's left of it away which is effectively what is gonna happen talking to what is left of our player base... Why do the players have to adjust there pocket book everytime why cant the company do it for once since they are trying to get us to stay in the first place... We shouldnt have to pay for your mistake's we told you 540 was a mistake when it happened and just about every day since... and hte cant say this was a amber thing since ru was under same things. ADMIN needs to make himself available and talk to the players instead of hiding in the shadow's even zunder's communicated changes... about the only thing he was good for but yea..
  6. rikkie

    rikkie New Member

    So, is it sure the guilds and effects from it stays the same. Then I can work towards new builds.
  7. Kinglock

    Kinglock New Member

    Nice work - looking forward to the changes.
  8. Rilando

    Rilando Member

    when it will work? which number?
  9. Taste my Blade

    Taste my Blade New Member

    When is the release date and will we be refunded guild levels? Will 500 craft scrolls be changed along with the gear that comes from them? Will everyone start back at 0? what about pet levels? Religion levels? will we not only get refunded the guild levels but get something for getting the levels in the first place?
  10. akad

    akad New Member

    A few questions please if i may,

    what do you mean by "The plat will be put in a virtual account" ? ( does this mean that the plat received from the reduction can only be used to upgrade items again?)
    what happens to the quinted, essenced items?
    If i have a current lvl 100 religion character, and he is lowered by the changes ,at what lvl will pvp be accessible to low lvl players?

    I think, with the reduction of the items, which i agree is pertinent to the whole scheme and idea you are trying to implement, you would effectively kill low lvl religion.
    Many stay at 135 - 250 because of the immense costs associated with upgrading items.

    Now you would have lv 60- 90, which at this level , there would be no skills acquired to participate effectively in pvp.
  11. Elvensin

    Elvensin New Member

    What of Quintessences on gear which level will they be, you stated gear will have same stats as current 540, are essences going to be same or are they going to be a lower level?
  12. Joker

    Joker New Member

    As we can all see the Admin still has no time to answer the questions of the the players.
  13. rikkie

    rikkie New Member

    It's not that strange that admin has no time to answer the questions. Lot's of work and testing has to be done for such big changes in a game. Let's hope all is tested well and the update gives no problems with the data of the players.
  14. Kinglock

    Kinglock New Member

    Please advise the date for changes when known - I would like to invite non-active players to return, but need to get the timing right.

    "Mage damage dealer will stop one-shotting left and right, the tanks cease being semi-invincible against 10 opponents"
    -yup, us poor orcs need a boost - should be good. :p

    "whole raids of people having no chance against a single artifact-clad demigod"
    -IMHO soloing large groups has always been a jedi mind trick - if they think it is a demi-god hitting then they will forget to dispel.

    To make things interesting I am going for a low-HP build - come and get me :D.
  15. DanElectro

    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    changes will be ready around the 10th of september
    virtual plat = can be used on store functions only
  16. livid

    livid New Member

    Will you lose unspent guild levels?
  17. Lithium Lullaby

    Lithium Lullaby Member Staff Member

    I assume that unspent guilds will be converted like the spent levels.
  18. livid

    livid New Member

    Any update on timing?
  19. Kinglock

    Kinglock New Member

    Staff are flooded with work right now, so here is what I know until we get an official update...

    The good news is that the updated client and game changes went live on RU on 17th September. These are major changes, and tech have been extremely busy over the last 2 weeks managing the changeover. We need to be patient and let them get the code perfect before rolling changes across to our server.
  20. livid

    livid New Member

    Very helpful and great to hear that there's movement. Many thanks.

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