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    You probably know that we are working on a large content update, which will be the starting point for even greater changes in the game. But apart from that, we are also working on some client changes, few of them you might try. In the client, that will be released along with the update in early September. So, you will have to wait for a lot of the changes affecting the gameplay that we have not announced before. See details

    Chat and a list of players.

    Well to begin, the general chat will now work over whole kingdom where the speaker is. This is on the one hand will make it difficult to capture when some player accidentally says something in general chat. On the other, makes communication more comfortable. We also abandon religious chat. It is non-loaded, inconvenient to use, and only complicates the understanding of the game chat.

    Also, as you have already known from client Beta-version, we have abandoned the window of players’ list. Now this button opens a large chat, which can be minimized. We also make a list of players as the one of main screens of the game.
    Little fix: the search bar is always visible now, and can be cleared by typing ‘Esc’ button.


    Map will be closed by default, but you can enable discovering in the options window when entering login/password. We do not advise beginners to do it.

    Also the region in which you are staying is highlighted for novice to understand the size of that territory.
    Now the walking control panel will appears when you navigate a route. This could relieve the interface and make its management more understandable.

    And finally, the map window can now be freely resized, and will never be opened as a "gray square."


    All that is written above, you can see in the Beta-version. Now, about what new is waiting for you after the upgrade.

    All items sold in stores will not appear on the shelves. In store items will be sorted according to the expected level of the characters in the kingdom.

    Variety of stores decreased. Will remain "Dump", "Alchemy", "Scrolls", "General Store" and "Platinum Store" In general stores you can found all the dress up items. For convenience we will add a search filters in client:
    On the example is not entirely clear, but there are points "All items", types of items, ie, you can select all that relates to armor or accessory, and select the desired type, such as "belt" or "ring". Levels and types formed from the fact that there is a range of shops, ie if there are no objects on the 7th level, this level you will not see on the list.

    In general store appears "My sales", it means goods that you have sold in the store. You can buy them back for the same money that was sold without loss. It is a protection in case of accidental. You can also click "Sell All" and then take them back. List is cleared when you will exit the store location (closing the window does not clear the list).

    Map. New Options.

    You can see all players in same region as you are. It will display will all information about a character. Because we have so many ways to escape without losing things and also avoid the fight. But a little to find the enemy and enter in a battle.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Magical Cloud Sphere: Does not show on the map. Can be seen at the list of players. At the meeting in sight.

    Hide from the list: Does not show on the map. Can’t be seen at the list of players. At the meeting in sight.

    Doppelganger: On the map shown as "Doppelganger". Can’t be seen at the list of players. Can’t be identified at the meeting.

    P.S.: To create the Magical Cloud Sphere opacities will not require platinum items after upgrading.

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