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    Of course you can add anyone into clan, there isnt a button to stop u hoho

    If anyone interested in pvp reshuffle, by stating their interest here, ez (Bones) will mention to other 2 allies (Sexies n 911)
    Together they will decide who goes to which ally. (So keep it balance, thats what trying to do, i am not involve in the selection process)

    But anyone want to create a new ally, by all means. No one can stop anyone from pinching anyone.

    Actually, the 3 so called ally leaders will ask if the candidate is interested to join their ally even before the final invite. (Whether they can click, blend or have previous unhappines)

    If u want to be that particular ally, nothing stopping u from saying it. The 3 allies will try to work it.

    But if u are clan leader in the aĺly. U best do the courtesy to inform or consult yr respective aĺly head prior to invite. Dont get him into trouble.

    BUT if dont wish to live by these so called guidelines...sure no problem...its man made can stop u from.recruiting like u said u paid for yr clan.
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    This seems to be working well LOL!!! As always a day late and a dollar short, this should have happened well over a year ago but the threshold period has passed. Simple economics even in a gaming world.

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